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Hello All, My real world name is Hermit Dave. I am a full time programmer who came across wikitionary as i was searching for word lists. I modified my keyboard app to use a few word lists i found on wikitionary and it generated some positive reviews from english users (primary users are english).
This started a big search for supporting other languages. I could find spanish, italian and german easily. Another user Francis_Tyers was very very accomdating with Catalan word list.
Still i had tons of issues finding one for most languages. The requirement was for a 50K word list and wikitionary page only list a couple of hundred in most cases.
So I finally took my own advice and did it myself. What i am posting on wikitionary is just a sample of my work - as a thank you for being here and sort of helping me with the idea :)

I will continue uploading others.