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Finnish-English Wiktionary dump for offline use[edit]

Dictionary entries were retrieved from the Wiktionary website using the Finnish word list from Matthias Buchmeier and then converted to a plain text format. The dictionary is usable but some text blocks may look a little bit messy (e.g. declensions and conjugations). The dictionary is available in a DSL plain text format and also in Abbyy Lingvo X5 LSD format. If you want to use it on an Android device, the only program that supports LSD format is GoldenDict

Article examples:

(index aa)
 * Hyphenation: aak‧ko‧nen
 * IPA^(key): [ˈɑːkːonen]
1. A letter (symbol in an alphabet).
2. In plural, (aakkoset) an alphabet.
Declension of aakkonen (type nainen)
              singular   plural
nominative   aakkonen   aakkoset
 genitive    aakkosen   aakkosten
 partitive   aakkosta   aakkosia
accusative   aakkonen   aakkoset
 inessive    aakkosessa aakkosissa
  elative    aakkosesta aakkosista
 illative    aakkoseen  aakkosiin
 adessive    aakkosella aakkosilla
 ablative    aakkoselta aakkosilta
 allative    aakkoselle aakkosille
   essive    aakkosena  aakkosina
translative  aakkoseksi aakkosiksi
instructive  –          aakkosin
 abessive    aakkosetta aakkositta
comitative   –          aakkosineen
Derived terms
 * adjectives: aakkosellinen
 * adverbs: aakkosittain
 * nouns: aakkosto
 * verbs: aakkostaa
 * aakkosjärjestys                        * sokeainaakkoset
 * aakkosnumeerinen                       * sormiaakkonen
 * morseaakkoset                          * suuraakkonen
 * pienaakkonen