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Current status for each FL wikt Interwicket has worked on.

"edits" is the number reported by the wikt as of last status update, not quite current, and it includes writes to the Interwicket user page

"status" is one of [missing, test, bot, noflag, blocked, exception]:

  • missing means in the bot's setup process, writing user page, etc; shows this way until next write to the wikt
  • test means it is an ordinary user, the usual initial state; while in test, the bot makes only very limited edits, skipping most possible edits to throttle rate to (on average) one every 90 minutes (would be ~112 in 7 days, test guidelines are 100 and 7 days)
  • bot is obvious (;-)
  • blocked means blocked by local admin; note that this may be temporary to prevent testing until flagged; doesn't mean in itself that bot has mis-behaved
  • exception means the bot received a network exception or something similar when last trying to read status; should be transient
  • noflag means it is configured to make all needed edits, not within test mode limits, despite not having a bot flag

"noflag" is used for small wikts, with little or no activity, and no active admin or community; it is set so those entries can be completely updated with no skips. See User:Interwicket/noflags. Eventually, we will want to resolve all of these to "bot", that can take a considerable time. Everything listed here should remain in "test" for only a limited time, and then change to "bot" or "noflag", so that complete updates can be made.

"to be done" is the number of entries that still need links updated, as of the last index scan for that wikt, which is not necessarily the date in the "as of" column. Wikts in missing etc status will show 0 or nothing. A missing link may be counted for the wikt where it should be added, or the target wikt, or both. So the total is over-represented (one reason why a total for that column is not shown). For example (as of 20 March 2009) the counts for en.wikt and fr.wikt both reflect ~25K missing links from fr to en; the number of edits needed on en.wikt itself is much smaller.

"notes" is any particular configuration options for that wikt. Where link to redirects or no link is not indicated, the default action is to neither add nor remove links. Linking to redirects is configured by User:Interwicket/redirs.

"main page" is the title of the Main Page as obtained from the MW message (Mediawiki:mainpage); Interwicket does not attempt to edit this title.

Table reflects a cold start on 03 March 2010 at 16:05 UTC.