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I'm mainly at w:User:JesseW.

See User:JesseW/not logged in for my non-logged-in contribs.

I'm currently working on

  • fixing up some Albanina defs to fit the proper template format.

- Done. 08:42, 5 Nov 2004 (UTC)

  • Formatting unformatted defs put in by anons. We should really alter the new page format to include a basic template. It would save so much work.

I'm wondering if WordNet glosses can by directly copied into Wiktionary. It would be really great if this was possible...

The following javascript will change all the words in a edit view of a wiki page to wiki-links (i.e. it will put double brackets around them). Useful for finding missing tenses or words.

javascript:void((function () {document.getElementById("wpTextbox1").value=document.getElementById("wpTextbox1").innerHTML.replace(/(\W)/g,"]]$1[[")})())

Good quote from EP about what to look for in quotations:

For common words, I'd look for uses in different parts of the sentence (subject and object for nouns; words like while at the beginning and middle of a sentence). Personally, when I do quotes for common words, I seek out a variety of dates, regions, and genres for each sense and each part of speech. For dates, I'll try to find at least three qoutes per century (early, middle, and late). For regions, I'll try to include quotes at least from the UK and US, and look for citations from Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, or South Africa if I can find them. I try to include a few quotes from women as well as men. I try to have some poetry, some literature, drama, memoirs, and government documents.

from 08:08, 21 July 2008 by User:EncycloPetey