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I am w:lv:User:Juzeris, a graduate of translation/interpreting studies (with a focus to English/Russian/Latvian languages). I live in Riga, Latvia and Latvian is my native tongue. Apart from the above mentioned languages, I also have some knowledge of German and French, but I still have a long way to go to be fluent and confident in the latter languages.

Jūzeris (SAMPA [ju:zeris]) is the Latvian transcription of the English word user. Well, to be precise, a localization with a typical Latvian ending.


What a Wiktionary article should be like

Food for thought[edit]

These are some notes of mine about Wiktionary and Wikipedia related issues. They are not to be regarded as undisputable truth, so you are welcome to add or comment.


What about copyrights in a case where I am editing an article and I want to add a translation in a language I'm not very confident with, like German or French? Say, I'm not sure about the "suitability" of the translations or the correct speling. So I open some online dictionary to translate those words and put the results into Wiktionary. Am I not infringing some copyrights?

Talk: pages[edit]

Is it acceptable to correct the text other people have written on talk pages? I'd guess typos could be corrected, but some people could be against it. I've seen some comments on this issue somewhere. Probably on Wikipedia, but I'm not sure.

Language studies[edit]