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a; aa [ɑ]; [ɑː]
b; bb [b] ([p]); [bː]
c [s], [k]
d; dd [d] ([t], ...); [dː]
e; ee [e̞]; [e̞ː]
f; ff [f]; [fː]
g; gg [g]; [gː]
h [h], between vowels [ɦ], between back vowel and consonant [x], between front vowel and consonant [ç]
i; ii [i]; [iː]
j [j]
k; kk [k]; [kː]
l; ll [l]; [lː]
m; mf; mm [m]; [ɱf]; [mː]
n; nf; ng; nk; nn; np; nt [n]; [ɱf]; [ŋː]; [ŋk]; [nː]; [mp]; [n̪t̪]
o; oo [o̞]; [o̞ː]
p; pp [p]; [pː]
q; qu [k]; [kʋ]
r [r]
s [s]
š [ʃ] ([s])
t; tl [t̪], after l, r, s [t]; [t̪l̪]
u; uu; uo [u]; [uː]; [uɔ]
v [ʋ], [v], after diphthong ending u [w]
w [ʋ], as above and in English loanwords [w]
x [ks]
y; yy [y]; [yː]
z [ts], [z]
ž [ʒ] ([s], [z], [ʃ])
å [o̞]
ä; ää [æ]; [æː]
ö; öö [ø̞]; [ø̞ː]