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  • Languages
I have a great interest in linguistics and foreign language. In high school class credits, I will have four years of German, three years of French, and three years of Latin accumulated by the time I graduate in May of 2011. I also study Attic Greek and Russian outside of school, along with an intense study of Latin.
  • Identity
Lælius is a pseudonym of Ancient Roman origin. It is the name I have deemed most appropriate to regard me by. I am a young adult.
  • Purpose
I intend to become an anthropologist and have dedicated myself to academia. My views support Wikimedia so thoroughly that I have begun learning how to edit and create Wiki articles to support international education and free reference. The skills and expertise I have to offer relate to the subdivisions of Anthropology- linguistics, culture, human anatomy, human physiology, and archaeology. I also take a great interest in marine biology, ichthyology, and biochemistry. Much of my knowledge is limited by availability of reference- local libraries and free on-line sources, such as Wikipedia- and my education- I currently attend high-school, where many of the topics I appreciate do not exist or are limited by the facility.