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Hello there, my name is Mark4011. It's a pleasure to be here.

I first discovered Wiktionary on April 2, 2004 while looking for alternative definitions for what a Red herring is. Suffice to say, the idea that anyone could contribute even the smallest amount to any entry was so appealing, I could not help signing up.


  • Computers - Programming, Web browsing, Repair
  • Video games
  • Spriting
  • Novels - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Bestsellers
  • Creating lists and databases


  • Categorization
  • Idioms
  • Prefixes

English Template[edit]

General Layout[edit]

  • English
    • Pronunciation
      • Homophones
      • Rhymes
    • Etymology
    • Part of speech
      • Synonyms
      • Antonyms
      • Translations
    • Related terms
    • Derived terms
    • See also



#REDIRECT [[Target]]
  • Redirects the current page to Target page.
  • Adds a banner pointing to an entry of the same name in Wikipedia.
  • When placed above the English heading, aligns great with the TOC if it exists.
{{wikipedia2|Page Name}}
  • Same as above except it points to an entry of Page Name in Wikipedia.
  • Use to avoid redirects or disambiguation pages.
{{wikipediapar|Page Name}}
  • Same as above except Wikipedia banner text changes to match Page Name.
  • Use to clearly identify and point to a related or specialized entry in Wikipedia.
  • Adds the image Filename.ext as a Type located Position with Description.
  • Everything but the image filename can be omitted.
  • Type
    • frame - Original by default
    • thumb - Resized by default


  • Header for the language the word is contained in.
  • Template: {{-en-}}
*/'flip?flop/, /<tt>"flIp%flQp</tt>/
  • How to say the word.
  • Template: {{-pron-}}
  • Words that sound the same but differs in spelling and meaning.
*[[Rhymes:English:-e?v|Rhymes: -e?v]]
  • Rhyme groups that a word belongs to.
From root or parent
  • Who, what, when, where, why, and how this word was formed.
  • Template: {{-etym-}}
  • Section stub: {{etystub}}