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Circus skills terminology I have come across in the past couple of years. Some of it is hard to cite, probably because the terminology is recent and books using that terminology are still copyrighted, hence not on Google Books. Usenet (certainly not my favorite) might be the best place to look for citations. Feel free to pitch in.


  • 441, 432 and so on. Very dubious, these names carry specific meanings for jugglers, though any pattern can be called by its siteswap. Some are rarely called by their siteswap name, while some are chiefly called by it (441 doesn't have any other name that I know of)
  • airplane - diabolo trick
  • diabolist, someone who juggles diabolos. May not be attestable.
  • genocide - diabolo trick
  • isolation, used mainly in reference to contact juggling but also hoop isolation, staff isolation. We may need another sense at staff to cover the circus prop. Also a rarer sense where a juggler juggles but on a chair or a stand of some sort, so the juggler cannot move his/her feet, to make it harder. Basically, this
  • Romeo's Revenge - juggling trick
  • wimpy - a pattern done with even numbers, where both hands throw simultaneously, but to the opposite hand (if to the same hand, it's a fountain). Might be on Google Books somewhere, google books:wimpy juggling gets 1563 results.
  • W - juggling trick, same as 432. Citing it will be very tough.