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ryu-1 くぬちけーてぃむんや やっくさん沖縄口 ゆんたくやいびん。
cmn-1 該用戶能以基本官話進行交流。
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Hello! I'm Miguel! I like language learning and I've taken a strong interest in Okinawan and then the Japonic family as a whole. I've been learning Japanese for a few years now and I'm mostly working on Okinawan and Ryukyuan stuff here on Wiktionary. I also like 𡨸(Chữ)(Hán)(Nôm)!


Okinawa Resources[edit]

  1. 沖縄語辞典:
  2. 沖縄語典:
  3. JLect:
  8. 沖縄語の入門

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