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Letter "Name" IPA
A a ɑː
B be beː
C se seː
D de deː
E e
F eff ef
G ge geː invalid IPA characters (g), replace g with ɡ
H hoː
I i
J jij jɪj
K koː
L ell el
M emm em
N enn en
O o
P pe peː
Q ku kʉː
R err er
S ess es
T te teː
U u ʉː
V ve veː
W dubbelve dɵbelveː
X eks eks
Y y
Z zäta sɛːta
Å å
Ä ä ɛː
Ö ö øː

With a big reservation for the IPA: This is a layman's understanding of Appendix:Swedish_pronunciation. Please improve if improvement (correction) is needed. For example, I guess there should be stress markers. And I guess there might be(?) length markers on some consonants?