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A page for notes about the usage notes to go with one or more of the entries which are to be linked to from the translation tables in "please". I'm still not certain I get all of it, nor if my usage actually matches most people's. The reason I put it here rather than in the entry is simply that I don't quite trust Swedish entries to be double-checked by any other Swedish-speaker, and this is something I'd like to have a second opinion about.

Usage notes[edit]

There is no single word in Swedish that matches the English word "please" fully. Instead different constructions will be used in different contexts and for different levels of formality and politeness: (note that "var så god" and "var snäll" inflects for number and will thus in plural be "var så goda" and "var snälla", respectively.)

  • var så god(a) och + imperative. (somewhat formal, used to make a polite offer to someone to do something) [rfc: how often is this sense written together into "varsågod" in this context? I would have believed not at all, but then I see I have already added that very sense to varsågod. I think that entry too could require a second opinion].
    Var så goda och sitt. = Please, have a seat.
  • var god + imperative (very formal, often used as part of [official] instructions)
    Var god vänd. = Please turn [the page].
  • vänligen + imperative (very formal, used e.g. on signs; c.f. kindly.)
    Vänligen håll hunden kopplad. = Please keep the dog on a leash.
  • var snäll(a) och + infinitive (quite polite, used when asking someone to do something on behalf of the requester)
    Var snäll och skala potatisen åt mig. = Please peel the potatoes for me.
  • "Kan du/ni..." + infinitive (Can you please...; singular and plural form respectively; similar to "var snäll" but not as formal. One of the more common options.)
    Kan du hjälpa mig med att flytta bordet? = Can you please help me move the table?
  • "Kan jag/vi få..." (May I/we please have..../Could you please give me/us...; when one wants to have something)
    Example needed.
  • "Skulle du/ni kunna..." + infinitive: (Would/could(?) you please.... More polite than "Kan du/ni" or "Kan jag/vi få..." but used in about the same contexts.)
    Skulle jag kunna få notan? = May I have the bill, please?
  • tack Used e.g. when placing an order (such as in a restaurant)
    En hamburgare, tack. = A hamburger, please.
  • snälla Used to more or less beg for something
    Snälla, kan jag få låna bilen? = Pleeease, may I borrow the car?