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This page lists some of the scripts I've created for myself (and sometimes for other users).



Script Depends on Description
bench.js (d)
  • easydom.js
Provides timeFunction() and compareFunctions() to allow comparative benchmarking of JavaScript code. The compareFunctions() function returns a table DOM element that can be placed into a page to display the test results.
build-urls.js (d) Provides functions for building MediaWiki action URLs.
cookies.js (d) Yet another cookie handling script.
easydom.js (d) See User:Mike Dillon/Easy DOM.
easydom-dev.js (d) See User:Mike Dillon/Easy DOM.
easydom-ext.js (d)
  • easydom.js
See User:Mike Dillon/Easy DOM.
i18n.js (d) Internationalization/localization framework for JavaScript interface messages. Provides wfMsg(), wfMsgForContent(), and wfAddMsg().
namespaces.js (d) Provides variables for MediaWiki namespace numbers, number to name lookup, and functions for deriving the namespace number and name from a page title. I may make this into a patch for Skin.php at some point.
navbox.js (d)
  • easydom.js
Provides addNavbox() function for adding boxes after the "Toolbox" on the navigation bar. Provides addToggleNavbox() for adding collapsible navboxes.
params.js (d) Provides functions for extracting parameters from URL query strings: getParameterMap(), getParameter(), getParameterValues(), and getParameterNames().
username.js (d) Provides getUsernameForCurrentPage(). Returns the username associated with the current page for any page in the "User" or "User talk" namespaces as well as the Special:Contributions page. Use wgUserName to get the name of the user viewing the page.


Script Depends on Description
defaultsort.js (d)
  • easydom.js
  • i18n.js
Provides form-based interface for adding and editing the {{DEFAULTSORT:...}} tag.
duplicateTabs.js (d) Clones tabs to the bottom of the content area.
easydom-console.js (d)
  • easydom.js
  • easydom-ext.js*
See User:Mike Dillon/Easy DOM.
highlightNonIPA.js (d)
  • i18n.js
Highlights non-IPA characters contained in IPA blocks created by {{IPA}} and {{IPAchar}}.
recentpages.js (d)
  • cookies.js
  • i18n.js
  • easydom.js
Adds a "Page history" portlet to the sidebar that provides links to recently visited pages (stored in a cookie). Defaults to 10 recent pages and a cookie that expires on browser close.
replace.js (d)
  • cookies.js
  • i18n.js
Adds a "Regex replace" link to the Toolbox that allows for search and replace functionality with regular expressions. The last search and replace terms are stored across searches in a cookie until the browser is closed.
searchNewWindow.js (d)
  • easydom.js
  • i18n.js
Adds a "New window?" checkbox to the search navbox to allow the "Go" and "Search" buttons to open in a new window. Can be defaulted to on by setting the searchNewWindowDefault variable to true.
tabs.js (d)
  • i18n.js
Provides addTab() function that adds new tabs to the top and bottom tab lists if it is called after the tabs have been cloned (no effect if tabs aren't cloned). Adds "purge" and "last diff" tabs, per my preference.
toolboxLogLinks.js (d)
  • i18n.js
  • username.js
Adds a link to Special:Log for page logs on all pages. Adds a link to Special:Log for user log on user pages.

* Optional dependency


If you're using one or more of these scripts, please list yourself below along with which scripts you're using so that I can notify you if I need to make significant changes. Or just put this page or the script(s) you use on your watchlist and be forewarned that I might break something without telling you.

Add yourself below using your signature
  1. All scripts - Mike Dillon 02:03, 31 December 2006 (UTC)

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Full list of my scripts[edit]

Includes inactive, unmaintained, and experimental scripts
Mike Dillon/Scripts/ancientGreekSortKey.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/bench.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/build-urls.js
Mike Dillon/Scripts/convert-kanjitab.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/convert-svtopics.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/cookies.js
Mike Dillon/Scripts/defaultsort.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/duplicateTabs.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/easydom-console.js
Mike Dillon/Scripts/easydom-dev.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/easydom-ext.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/easydom.js
Mike Dillon/Scripts/highlightNonIPA.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/i18n.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/langnames.js
Mike Dillon/Scripts/link Mike Dillon/Scripts/namespaces.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/navbox.js
Mike Dillon/Scripts/params.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/recentpages.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/replace.js
Mike Dillon/Scripts/searchNewWindow.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/tabs.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/toolboxLogLinks.js
Mike Dillon/Scripts/topicCats.js Mike Dillon/Scripts/username.js