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densely populated densely populated countries denser air denser state denser than air denser-than-air gaseous plume denshi blocks densities of the elements data page density altitude density current density currents density dependent density dependent fecundity density dependent inhibition density estimate density estimation density field density function density functional density functional perturbation theory density functional theory density functional theory density functions density gradient density gradients density hypothesis density matrices density matrix density matrix renormalization group density networks density of air density of development density of distribution density of energy states density of final states density of population density of sea water density of states density of the sum of two independent real-valued random variables density of twin primes density operator density operators density parameter density parameters density relative to water density slicing density state density states density variations density wave theory density-functional theory dent-bacterial plaque dental abscess dental abscesses dental alveoli dental alveolus dental amalgam dental amalgam controversy dental amalgams dental analysis dental anatomy dental approximant dental arch dental arches dental armamentarium dental artery dental assistant dental assistants dental auxiliary dental boards dental brace dental brace fetishism dental braces dental braces fetishism dental branches dental bridge dental calculus dental canaliculi dental canaliculi of dental care dental caries non-human dental click dental click release dental clicks dental clinic dental clinics dental college dental colleges dental comb dental complex dental composite dental consonant dental consonants dental crown dental crowns dental dam dental dams dental decay dental degree dental disease dental drill dental drills dental drugs dental education dental ejective dental emergency dental enamel dental engine dental equipmenta dental erosion dental eruption dental evidence dental exam dental examination dental examinations dental explorer dental extraction dental extractions dental fear dental fetishism dental filling dental fillings dental flap dental floss dental fluorosis dental follicle dental formula dental fricatives dental furrow dental germ dental guard dental handpiece dental hard tissues dental health dental healthcare dental hygiene dental hygienist dental hygienists dental implant dental implantology dental implants dental impressions dental informatics dental instruments dental insurance dental insurer dental key dental laboratories dental lamina dental lateral approximant dental medicine dental mirror dental molds dental morphology dental nasal dental nerve dental occlusion dental or denti-alveolar d dental or interdental fricative dental papilla dental pathologists dental pelican dental phobia dental photography dental plan system dental plans dental plaque dental plate dental plates dental porcelain dental practice dental procedure dental procedures dental profession dental prosthesis dental pulp dental pulps dental putty dental receptionist dental records dental restoration dental restorations dental restorative material dental retainers dental sac dental scaling dental school dental schools dental sciences dental sealant dental sealants dental services dental societies dental specialties dental stop dental student dental students dental suffix dental suffixes dental surgeon dental surgeons dental surgeries dental surgery dental syringe dental t dental technician dental technicians dental technology dental therapists dental tourism dental treatment dental trill dental work dental xray dental-enamel junction dentalium shells dentata hippocampi dentate gyrus dentate ligament dentate line dentate nucleus dentatorubropallidoluysian atrophy dentatothalamic tract of cerebellum denticle herring denticular ligaments denticulate ligament denticulate ligaments denticulate tools dentin of dentinal fibers dentinal tubules dentine bonding agents dentino-enamel junction dentinogenesis imperfecta dentist doctor dentistry school dentofacial anomalies dentogingival junction denture irritation denture stomatitis countably infinite denumerable sets countably infinite sets denumerable countably infinite sets denumerably infinite deny mortgages denying the antecedent denying the consequent denying the correlative denzil lacey deodar cedar deodorized tincture of opium deontic logic deontic modal logic deontic operator deontic paradoxes deontic possibility deontologic codes deontological currents deontological ethical views deontological ethics deontological moral theories deorbit burn deoxofluorinating agent deoxy sugar deoxy sugars deoxyadenosine kinase deoxyadenosine triphosphate deoxycholic acid deoxycytidine deaminase deoxycytidine kinase deoxycytidine triphosphate deoxycytidylate 5-hydroxymethyltransferase deoxycytidylic acid deoxygenated blood deoxygenated hemoglobin deoxyguanosine kinase deoxyguanosine monophosphate deoxyguanosine triphosphate deoxyhypusine monooxygenase deoxyhypusine synthase deoxynucleoside 3'-phosphate deoxynucleoside diphosphate deoxynucleoside kinase deoxynucleoside phosphate deoxynucleoside triphosphates deoxynucleotide 3'-phosphatase deoxynucleotide triphosphates deoxyribodipyrimidine endonucleosidase deoxyribodipyrimidine photo-lyase pyrimidine dimer deoxyribonucleic acid deoxyribonucleic acid deoxyribonucleic acids deoxyribose-phosphate aldolase deoxysarpagine hydroxylase deoxythimidine triphosphate deoxyuridine monophosphate deoxyuridine phosphorylase deoxyuridine triphosphate deoxyuridylic acid departed ancestors departing tone department head department of business department of education department of justice department of motor vehicle department of motor vehicles department of religious affairs department store department store building department store chain department store of the same name department stores department stores that bear his family's name departmental arrondissements departmental boot image departmental chair departmental collectivity departmental community departmental governments departmental locomotive list departmental locomotives departmental repository departmental road 76 departmental store departmental vehicles departments of education departments of philosophy departure angle departure boards departure card departure clearance departure from the novel departure functions departure point departure procedure departure rate departures and arrivals boards depend exponentially depend on the biological resource dependence analysis dependence syndrome dependence theories dependence vectors dependencias federales dependency grammar dependency grammars dependency graph dependency graphs dependency hell dependency injection dependency management dependency needs dependency on drugs dependency on food dependency ratio dependency relation dependency structure dependency theorists dependency theory dependency tracking dependency-based search dependent and independent variables dependent arising dependent beauty dependent care dependent choice dependent clause dependent clauses dependent co-arising dependent entity dependent marking dependent on alcohol dependent origination dependent territories dependent territory dependent type dependent type theories dependent type theory dependent types dependent variable dependent variables dependent vowel dependent writes dependent-marking language dependent-marking languages dependently arisen dependently originated dependently typed depends exponentially on particle mass depersonalization disorder depersonalized lyrics dephospho-CoA kinase depicted pictorially above depiction of common life depiction of nudity depilation devices depilation fetishism depilation wax depilatory cream depleted forests depleted region depleted the soil depleted uranium depleted uranium ammunition depleted uranium bullets depleted uranium rounds depleting wild pollinators depletion gilding depletion layer depletion layers depletion of crude oil depletion of minerals and fossil fuels depletion of petroleum depletion of the ozone layer depletion region depletion regions depletion treatment depletion width depletion widths depletion zone depletion zones deploy countermeasures deploy the military deployed by deployed four aircraft deployed military resources deployed per diem deployment bag deployment descriptor depolarization block depolarization blocking agents depolarization threshold depolarization-induced suppression of inhibition depolarizing block deponent verb deponent verbs depopulation of a village deportation camp deportation of deportation of kulaks deportations and migrations deportations of nationalities deportations to concentration camps deported and exiled deported and killed deported east along with hundred thousands of others deported nearly all deported peoples deported priests deported the entire population depose his crown prince deposed from office deposed from throne deposed in a military coup deposed king deposing an unjust government deposit account deposit accounts deposit banks deposit bottle deposit bottles deposit brokerage deposit creation multiplier deposit credit multiplier effect deposit eggs deposit feeder deposit feeders deposit feeding deposit his seed deposit insurance deposit insurer deposit laws deposit library deposit market share deposit models deposit multiplier deposit of faith deposit premium deposit requirements deposit slip deposit taking deposit-taking co-operatives deposit-taking companies deposit-taking institutions depositary bank deposited thin film depositing money into his online account depositing of iron depositing stream deposition from priesthood deposition of minerals deposition of monarchy deposition or decay deposition questioning deposition velocity depositional environment depositional environments depositional landforms depositors insurance depository bank depository institution depository institutions depository libraries depository library depository participant depository receipt program deposits of nickel depot formulation depot injection depot ship depot ships depots or stations depowered mutants depowering of 98% of the world's mutant population depowering of most of the world's mutants depowering of the earth's mutant population depraved indifference depravity of the human race depreciation allowance depreciation life depreciation schedule depress plant vigor depressed economy depressed flour beetle depressed fracture depressed freeway depressed level of consciousness depressed mood depressed quartic depressed roadway depressed the continental bedrock depressed-center flatcar depression era depression focused recharge depression of depression of freezing point depression of mood depression of the freezing-points depression spectrum depression storage capacity depression years depressive anxiety depressive diseases depressive disorder depressive disorders depressive episode depressive illness depressive illnesses depressive mood changes depressive mood states depressive position depressive psychosis depressive states depressor alæ nasi depressor anguli oris depressor anguli oris muscle depressor consonants depressor labii inferioris depressor septi nasi depressor supercilii depressurized aircraft deprivation index deprivation of liberty deprive a peer of his peerage deprive blacks deprived of sensory input ring theory depth buffer depth buffering depth buffers depth charge depth charge launchers depth charge projectors depth charge track depth charge tracks depth charged depth charges depth charging depth chart depth charts depth complexity depth contours depth cue depth cueing depth cues depth fail depth fire depth first depth first search depth fog depth gauge depth gauges depth hoar depth information depth map depth meters depth of a module depth of field depth of focus depth of penetration depth pass depth perception depth psychological depth psychology depth sounder depth soundings depth therapy depth zero depth-charge projectors depth-charge track depth-first search depth-first search depth-first searches depth-first searching depth-first traversal depth-limited search depth-of-field adapter depth-of-field adaptors depth-pass stencil shadow volume depth-slope product depths of darkhollow depths of focus depths of modulation deputado federal deputized member deputy assistant secretary of defence for detainee affairs deputy assistant secretary of defense for counterproliferation policy deputy assistant secretary of state deputy attorney general deputy attorney-general deputy chair of committees deputy chairman deputy chief minister deputy clerk deputy commerce minister deputy commissioner deputy county clerk deputy dean deputy director deputy director of central intelligence deputy editor deputy emperor deputy government house leader deputy governor deputy head deputy headmaster deputy heads deputy judge advocate deputy judge-advocate deputy leader deputy leader election deputy leadership deputy leadership campaign deputy leadership election deputy lieutenant deputy managing director deputy marshal deputy mayor deputy mayors deputy minister deputy minister of education deputy minister of foreign affairs deputy minister of health and long-term care deputy ministers deputy national security advisor deputy police commissioner deputy premier deputy president deputy prime minister deputy prime ministers deputy public prosecutor deputy sheriff deputy sheriffs deputy speaker deputy state corporations commissioner deputy surveyor deputy system deputy warden deputy whip dequalinium chloride der birobidzhaner shtern deragon cave derailed by an unknown saboteur derailing protection derailleur gear derailleur geared derailleur gearing derailleur gears derailleur hangers deranged acid levels deranged drainage deranged drainage system deranged fan deranged robots derby girl derby girls derby hat derby match derby matches derby pie derech eretz derecho event deregulate the thrift industry deregulated bus services deregulated economy deregulated overnight deregulated the airlines deregulated the electric market deregulated the electricity market deregulation bill deregulation of bus services deregulation of local buses derek beaulieu derelict soil dereliction of duty derivation algebra derivation of this equation derivation rules derivational affixes derivational logicism derivational morphology derivations of the equipartition theorem above derivative action derivative actions derivative algebra derivative contracts derivative couplings derivative exchanges derivative financial products derivative games derivative instrument derivative litigation derivative markets derivative mask derivative of a constant derivative of a function derivative of the logarithm derivative operator derivative product derivative securities derivative security derivative suit derivative suits derivative with respect to z derivative words derivative work derivative works derivatives exchange derivatives exchanges derivatives market derivatives markets derivatives pricing derivatives trading derive ought from is derived algebra derived algebraic geometry derived breeds derived by aggregating microeconomic models derived categories derived category derived character derived characters derived class derived classes derived demand derived fossils derived from fungi derived functor derived functors derived group derived length derived motion derived objects derived quantity derived row derived rows derived series derived set derived statistic derived statistics derived stem derived strings derived subgroup derived tables derived topology derived unique key per transaction derived unit derived units derived work derived works derived-Morita equivalence derives a contradiction from that assumption derives satisfaction dermal absorption dermal adhesives dermal appendages dermal basement membrane dermal bone dermal bones dermal denticles dermal flora dermal glands dermal layer of skin dermal papillae dermal plates dermal punching dermal sinus dermal teeth dermal tissue dermatan sulfate dermatan sulfate dermatan sulphate dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans dermatologic surgeon dermatologic surgeons dermatologic surgery dermatological conditions dermatological lesions dermatomal distribution dermatomal pattern see map dermatomic area dermatophagoides farinae dermatophagoides pteronyssinus dermatoscopic exam dermatosis papulosa nigra dermatosparaxis type dermic coat dermis of the skin dermoepidermal junction dermoid sinus derny race derogatory comments derogatory credit derogatory sense derogatory term derogatory use of the word "Byzantine" lifting device derrick barge derrick boat derunta training camp dervish order des tuqs des-gamma carboxyprothrombin desalinated water desalination plant desalination plants desalinisation plant desalinization plants desalinized water desaturated colors descaling agent descaling agents descendant subgroup descendants of its ruling khans descendants of the dragon descended from a common ancestor descended into hell descended into hell descended into the realm of the dead descendens cervicales descendens cervicalis descendens hypoglossi descendent fields descender hook descending colon left colon descending left colon descending a fixed rope descending aorta descending branches descending chain condition descending chord descending colon descending colons descending degeneration descending duodenum descending iliac descending limb descending node descending nodes descending oblique muscle descending palatine descending palatine artery descending palatine vessels descending portion descending ramus descending ramus of hypoglossal descending root of the trigeminal descending thoracic aorta descends to hell descensus in cuniculi cavum category theory descent data descent direction descent equipment descent from antiquity descent group descent groups descent model descent module descent modules descent of descent of birds descent of man descent sequence descent system descent systems descent theory descent to the underworld descent with modification describable sets describe other modems describe themselves described above described an ellipse described and praised described below described earlier described here described in any law described in the literature describing function description above description and prescription description here description languages description logic description logics description of reality description of the classical non-linear theory description of the real line description theory of names description theory of proper names descriptive and prescriptive descriptive astronomy descriptive botanical name descriptive botanical names descriptive chess notation descriptive complexity descriptive complexity theory descriptive compounds descriptive emergence descriptive emergentism descriptive epidemiology descriptive ethics descriptive ethnography descriptive geometry descriptive grammar descriptive individualism descriptive linguist descriptive linguistics descriptive markup descriptive meaning descriptive metaphysics descriptive music descriptive name descriptive notation descriptive profiling descriptive psychiatry descriptive relativism descriptive relativists descriptive representation descriptive research descriptive set theoretic descriptive set theorist descriptive set theory descriptive set-theoretic descriptive statistics descriptive theory descriptive top-level specification descriptive unconscious descriptive video service descriptive video services descriptivist linguistics descriptivist theory of names desecrating the host desecration of the flag desegregation busing desert and merit desert and xeric shrub desert and xeric shrublands desert ant desert apple desert beetles desert big horn sheep desert bighorn sheep desert bighorns desert blazing star desert boots desert campaign desert candle desert castles desert cat desert cockroach desert cottontails desert crocodiles desert dwellers desert ecology desert exploration desert explorer desert false indigo desert farming desert father desert fathers desert finch desert five-spot desert from spreading desert glass desert grassland desert habitats desert horned viper desert iguana desert island desert kite desert lavender desert locust desert locusts desert mallow desert mountain ranges and valleys desert night lizards desert night snake desert oak desert pavement desert pavements desert planet desert pupfish desert racing desert rat desert rat-kangaroo desert rats desert red bat desert robber fly desert rock desert rocker desert rockers desert rocks desert rose desert roses desert safari desert sailboat desert scrub desert scrubland desert shrub desert shrubs desert slender salamander desert soils desert south desert southwest desert spiny lizards desert tan desert tortoise desert tortoises desert trek desert truffles desert varnish desert war desert warfare desert warthog desert wildcats desert wildflowers desert willow deserted cities deserted island deserted medieval village deserted medieval villages deserted people deserted tropical island deserted village deserted villages deserter list desertification history deserting soldiers deserts and xeric shrublands deserved to be burned deserving poor desi daroo desiccant material desiccated beef design activity design aircraft design and engineering design and production design and technology design argument design arguments design assistant design automation design basis accident design brief design bureau design bureau prefix design bureaus design by committee design by contract design charettes design choices design classic design closure design code design codes design competition design competitions design consultancy design consultant design cycle design data design defensively design deficiencies design department design director design diversity design document design documentation design education design engineer design engineering design engineers design error design experts design feature of human language design features design flaw design flaws design flow design flows design for all design for disassembly design for low power design for manufacturability design for manufacturability design for six sigma design for test design for testing design for the environment "eco-design" design for the stage design history design houses design human engineering design inspection design institute design is manufacturable design language design leadership design legislation design life design load design loads design management design matrix design methods design motif design museum design new drugs design of a nuclear weapon design of business processes design of drugs design of error messages design of experiments design of living organisms design of network protocols design of nuclear weapons design of the experiment design of the original architect design of the system design office design package design paradigm design patent design patents design pattern design patterns design patterns computer science design philosophies design philosophy design principles design process design processes design professionals design quality design recovery design reform design research design revolution design right design rule check design rule checking design rules design school design services design specification design specifications design speed design standard design strategy design structure matrix design studio design study design style design technology design testing design the experiment design theories design theory design thinking design tools design under test design year design-build-operate system designate the targets designate their aircraft types designated agent designated agents designated an international city designated as a city by the national government designated bicycle lane designated by government ordinance designated cities designated city designated collection designated collections designated color designated community designated driver designated drivers designated enterprise zones designated for assignment designated him for assignment designated hitter designated hitters designated market area designated market areas designated marksman designated marksman rifle designated marksman's rifle designated marksmen designated military operation designated museum designated place designated player designated status designated survivor designated wilderness designated wilderness areas designation by government ordinance designation given to ships designation of the 'new city' designation system designation system for aircraft designation systems designations systems designatory letters designed by a committee designed language designed lives designed sets designed the costumes designed types designer babies designer baby designer board game designer board games designer brands designer clothing designer denim designer dog designer dogs designer dresses designer drug designer drugs designer furniture designer games designer genes designer jeans designer jewellery designer label designer label's shops designer labels designer purse designer steroids designer stubble designer sunglasses designer toy designer toys designing and making clothes designing costumes designing experiments designing of designing pharmaceuticals against diseases designing the sweater designs and features desire for baptism desire for his mother desire line desire lines desire slaves desire world desire-belief model desired precision desired results desired total spending desiree red desiring machine desiring machines desiring molecular machines desk accessories desk accessory desk based desk blotters desk calculator desk calculators desk job desk lamp desk on a frame desk pad desk research desk sergeant desk top desk-based research desktop accessories desktop advertising desktop alerts desktop application desktop applications desktop background desktop background desktop backgrounds desktop calendar desktop compositing desktop computer desktop computercase desktop computers desktop computing desktop conferencing desktop cube desktop environment desktop environments desktop gadget desktop icons desktop image desktop lamp desktop machine desktop machines desktop managers desktop manufacturing desktop metaphor desktop metaphors desktop models desktop monitor desktop notes desktop operating systems desktop organizer desktop panel desktop personal computers desktop printers desktop printing desktop publisher desktop publishing desktop publishing software desktop replacement desktop replacement computer desktop replacement computers desktop schemes desktop screen desktop search desktop search function desktop sharing desktop shell desktop shell replacement desktop shell replacements desktop software desktop system recovery desktop theme desktop themes desktop toy desktop version desktop versions desktop wallpaper desktop wallpapers desktop widget desktop widgets desmodromic valve desmodromic valves desmoid tumor desmoid tumors desmoplastic melanoma desmosome-keratin filament complex desmosterol acetate desolating sacrilege desoldering bulb desorption electrospray ionization despatch box despatch riders desperado piece desperate attempts desperation attack desperation move desperation shot despin mechanism despin weights despotic power despotic states desquamative interstitial pneumonia desquamative interstitial pneumonitis dessert crops dessert fork dessert pudding dessert soup dessert spoon dessert topping dessert wine dessert wines dessins d'enfants destabilised the nation destabilize the environment destabilize the global ocean thermohaline circulation destination blind