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diaspora politics diaspora studies diasporic immigrants diastasis of the pubis diastasis of the symphysis pubis diastasis symphysis pubis diastatic power diastereomeric excess diastereomeric mixture diastereomeric pair diastolic blood pressure resting blood pressure diastolic resting blood pressure diastolic blood pressure diastolic dysfunction diastolic pressure diastolic pressures diastrophic dysplasia diathesis-stress model diatom filter diatomaceous earth diatomaceous earth filter diatomic carbon diatomic gas diatomic ion diatomic molecule diatomic molecules diatomic nitrogen diatonic accordion diatonic button accordion diatonic chord diatonic chords diatonic collection diatonic context diatonic function diatonic functionality diatonic functions diatonic genus diatonic harmonicas diatonic intervals diatonic major scale diatonic modes diatonic scale diatonic scales diatonic semitone diatonic set theory diatonic theory diatonic transpositions diatonically or chromatically diatornic alcohols diatrizoic acid diazinon oxon diazo chloride diazo compound diazo compounds diazo dinitro phenol diazo dye diazo dyes diazo groups diazo plate lithography diazo-conjugate dye diazo-thioketone coupling diazoacetic acid diazoalkane 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition diazolidinyl urea diazonium compound diazonium compounds diazonium coupling diazonium couplings diazonium salt diazonium salts dibase acids dibasic esters dibenzothiophene dihydrodiol dehydrogenase dibenzothiophene sulfone dibenzoyl peroxide dibenzyl aniline dibenzyl carbonate dibenzyl ketoxime dibenzyl maleate dibenzyl malonate dibenzyl methyl amine dibenzyl monoselenide dibenzyl nitrosamine dibenzyl phosphite dibenzyl phthalate dibenzyl sebacate dibenzylidene acetone diberyllium dioxide diberyllium monoxide diberyllium tetrachloride dibezylacetic anhydride dibismuth diantimonide diboron carbide diboron dioxide diboron tetrachloride diboron tetrafluoride diboron trioxide diboronic acid dibromo fluoroacetonitrile dibromoacrylic acid dibromoethanoic acid dibromofluoroacetic acid dibromomethyl radical dibromosuccinic acid dibrospidium chloride dibutyl benzylphosphonate dibutyl chlorendate dibutyl ether dibutyl hydrogen phosphite dibutyl isophthalate dibutyl phenyl phosphate dibutyl phthalate dibutyl sebacate dibutyl squarate dibutyl succinate dibutyl tartrate dibutylarsinic acid dibutyldiphenyl tin dibutyltin diacetate dibutyltin dilaurate dibutyltin mercaptopropionate dibutyltin oxide dicaesium antimonide dicaesium dichloride dicaesium diiodide dicaesium monochloride dicaesium monoxide dicalcium aluminate dicalcium diphosphate dicalcium phosphate dicalcium silicate dicarbon monoxide dicarbon phosphide dicarbonyl compound dicarbonyl compounds dicarbonylacetylacetonato iridium dicarboximide fungicides dicarboxylate-CoA ligase dicarboxylic acid dicarboxylic acids dice control dice duty dice game dice games dice magic dice notation dice pool dice pools dice probability chart dice roll dice rolling dice rolls diced onions diceless role-playing games dicerium dioxide dicerium hexafluoride dicesium carbonate dicesium dibromide dicesium dimetaborate dichlorine dioxide dichlorine heptoxide dichlorine hexoxide dichlorine monoxide dichlorine pentoxide dichlorine tetroxide dichlorine trioxide dichloro naphthalene dichloroacetic acid dichloroacetic anhydride dichlorocyanuric acid dichlorofluoromethyl radical dichloroisocyanuric acid dichloromethane dehalogenase dichloromethanesulfonyl chloride dichloromethyl radical dichloromethyl trichloro silane dichloromuconate cycloisomerase dichotic listening dichotomic search dichotomous choice dichotomous key dichotomous keys dichotomous oppositional difference dichotomous question dichotomy of profane and sacred dichotomy paradox dichotomy principle dichroic beam splitter prism dichroic dyes dichroic filter dichroic filters dichroic mirror dichroic mirrored prism dichroic mirrors dichroic prism dichroic ratio dichroic reflectors dichromatic number dichromatic vision dichromium tetrapropionate dici de omni et nullo dicing saw dicinnamoyl peroxide dick jokes dick ridin' dickey seat dicky seat diclofenac sodium dicobalt edetate dicobalt octacarbonyl dicolinium iodide dicopper dichloride dicopper silver trichloride dicresyl phosphate dicromatic colour dictaminal style dictating machines dictation machine dictation machines dictation speed dictation test dictator for life dictator game dictator perpetuus dictatorial government dictatorial powers dictatorial regime dictatorial regimes dictatorial rule dictatorial rule of the military dictatorial style dictatorship of clerics dictatorship of proletariat dictatorship of the proletariat associative arrays dictionaries and encyclopedias of philosophy dictionary attack dictionary attacking dictionary attacks dictionary coders dictionary coding dictionary compression dictionary corner dictionary form dictionary of anagrams dictionary of biography dictionary order dictionary pronunciation keys dictionary theory dictionary wars dictionary-based machine translation dictionary-based machine-translation dicto simpliciter dictum de omni et nullo dictum meum pactum dicyclic group dicyclic groups dicyclohexyl adipate dicyclohexyl ammonium nitrite dicyclohexyl ether dicyclohexyl nitrosamine dicyclopropyl carbinol dicyclopropyl ketoxime did a voiceover did business under a different name did homage did it for hire did it with a dead mermaid did it! did lines did not did not appear did not believe in god did not commit did not enter did not exist did not give him enough money did not have a father did not intend did not live to finish it did not pay did not permit did not pursue that position did not require the sort of travel commitments did not succeed did not suffer or die did not unite under one church did not wish to remember did occur in a professional tournament did the knowledge did the same did their best to annihilate didactic analysis didactic lectures didactic literature didactic material didactic novel didactic organisation didactic philosophy didactic poem didactic poetry didactic theology didactics of mathematics diddley bow didecyl adipate didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride didecyl sulfone didecyldimethylammonium chloride didehydroaminobutyric acid dideoxy chain-termination method dideoxy sequencing dideoxy termination method dideuterium oxide didier domi didocosyl adipate didocosyl glutarate didocosyl succinate didodecyl hexanedioate didodecyl phthalate integrated circuit die and be resurrected die and resurrect die and rise again die anderen bands die area die at the cross die at the stake die attachment die cast die cast cars die cast hoops die cast toy die casting die clash die collet die cracks die cut die cut machines die cutting die cutting process die deterioration doubling die flue die for his faith die from bleeding die grinder die grinders die hard die head die in the line of duty die laughing die making die of eating chocolate die of laughter die off die on the cross die or mold die out die preparation die press die punches die rather than transgress die roll die rolls die shrink die sinker die size die tageszeitung die types die varieties die without a knowledge of the gospel die Ärzte die-attach equipment die-cast car die-cast cars die-cast metal die-cast model die-cast models die-cast toy die-cast toys die-sinker and engraver diecast model cars diecast models diecast toys died and was resurrected died because of a hellebore overdose died before the age of one year died by conspiracy died by his own hand died during launch died four years before died giving birth died in a car accident died in a car crash died in a crush died in a plane crash died in childbirth died in combat died in infancy died in the service of his country died in the war died laughing died of a heart attack from laughing died of laughter died of natural causes died of neglect died of starvation died of those wounds died on her seventeenth birthday died on his 87th birthday died on his 89th birthday died on his 96th birthday died on his birthday died out died ten years later died young diegetic music diegetic sound diego snail diel vertical migration diel vertical migrations dielectric absorption dielectric barrier discharge dielectric breakdown dielectric breakdown model dielectric breakdown potential dielectric circuit dielectric coating dielectric constant dielectric constant of vacuum dielectric constants dielectric dispersion dielectric elastomers dielectric field strength dielectric fluid dielectric function dielectric heating dielectric isolation dielectric loss dielectric materials dielectric media dielectric medium dielectric microsphere resonators dielectric mirror dielectric mirrors dielectric model dielectric permeability dielectric permittivity dielectric polarization dielectric properties dielectric relaxation dielectric reluctance dielectric resonator dielectric resonators dielectric rod dielectric slab dielectric spectroscopy dielectric strength dielectric tensor dielectric wave guides dielectric waveguide diem clausit extremum dienol benzene rearrangement dies at his home dies early like many black men dies fasti dies from licking toxic envelopes dies irae dies laughing dies natalis dies nefasti dies on the dies on the cross diesel boats diesel bus diesel buses diesel cars diesel cycle diesel electric diesel electric hybrid diesel electric locomotive diesel electric locomotives diesel electric multiple unit diesel electric-powered diesel engine diesel engine repair diesel engine diesel engined diesel engineering diesel engines diesel exhaust diesel fitter diesel fuel diesel fuels diesel generating diesel generator diesel generators diesel hybrids diesel hydraulic diesel hydrotreating diesel injectors diesel locomotive diesel locomotive depot diesel locomotive types diesel locomotives diesel machinery diesel main engines diesel motor diesel motors diesel multiple unit diesel multiple unit diesel multiple units diesel multiple-unit diesel oil diesel or electric locomotive diesel particulate emissions diesel particulate filter diesel particulate filters diesel particulate matter diesel piston engines diesel plants diesel power diesel powered diesel propulsion diesel propulsion systems diesel rail buses diesel rail speed record diesel railcar diesel railcars diesel railway multiple unit diesel replacements diesel shunters diesel submarine diesel train sets diesel trains diesel trainset diesel truck engines diesel-electric drivetrains diesel-electric engines diesel-electric hybrid diesel-electric hybrids diesel-electric locomotive diesel-electric locomotives diesel-electric multiple unit diesel-electric multiple units diesel-electric submarines diesel-hydraulic locomotive diesel-hydraulic locomotives diesel-mechanical locomotive diesel-powered generator diesel-powered locomotives diesel-powered motorcycle diet aid diet aids diet coke diet cola diet drinks diet drinks and foods diet food diet foods diet for patients with heart disease diet pill diet pills diet soda diet sodas diet soft drink diet-based therapy diet-related diseases dietary aid dietary component dietary controls dietary elimination-challenge trials dietary energy dietary fats dietary fiber dietary fibers dietary fibre dietary fructose intolerance dietary guidelines dietary habit dietary indiscretion dietary iron dietary law dietary laws dietary mineral dietary minerals dietary prohibition dietary protein dietary proteins dietary reference intakes dietary regimen dietary restrictions dietary sodium dietary sodium chloride dietary sources dietary supplement dietary supplementation dietary supplements dietary techniques dietary treatment diethoxy ethylthiomethane diethyl (2R,3R)-2-methyl-3-hydroxysuccinate diethyl 2-methyl-3-oxosuccinate diethyl 2-methyl-3-oxosuccinate reductase diethyl 2-methylglutaconate diethyl azelate diethyl azo diformate diethyl azodicarboxylate diethyl azodicarboxylate diethyl benzene diethyl benzoylmethylphosphonate diethyl butylmalonate diethyl cyanomethylphosphonate diethyl cyclohexylaminophosphonate diethyl decylphosphonate diethyl diallylmalonate diethyl dibromomalonate diethyl dichloro tin diethyl diethylmalonate diethyl dimethylphosphoramidate diethyl dimethylpyrophosphonate diethyl diselenide diethyl disulfide diethyl dithiol oxalate diethyl dodecyl phosphate diethyl ether diethyl ether peroxide diethyl ethylidenemalonate diethyl ethylphosphonate diethyl fluoromalonate diethyl formamidomalonate diethyl fumarate diethyl glutaconate diethyl glycol dinitrate diethyl hexadecylmalonate diethyl hydroxymethylphosphonate diethyl isocyanato succinate diethyl isopropylidenemalonate diethyl ketone diethyl malonate diethyl methanephosphonate diethyl methylphosphonothioate diethyl methylthiomethylphosphonate diethyl octylmalonate diethyl oxalate diethyl phenyl orthoformate diethyl phenyl phosphate diethyl phenylthiomethylphosphonate diethyl phosphorocyanidate diethyl phthalate diethyl pimelate diethyl propylmalonate diethyl propylphosphonate diethyl pyrocarbonate diethyl pyromellitate diethyl suberate diethyl succinate diethyl sulfate diethyl sulfide diethyl sulfone diethyl sulfoxide diethyl tartrate diethyl telluride diethyl tetrasulfide diethyl vinylphosphonate diethyl zinc diethylacetylene dicarboxylate diethylaluminum cyanide diethylaminoacetaldehyde diethyl acetal diethylaminoethyl methacrylate diethylaminosulfur trifluoride diethylammonium diethyldithiocarbamate diethylarsinic acid diethylene glycol diethylene glycol dinitrate diethylene glycol dipelargonate diethylene glycol distearate diethylene glycol ethers diethylene glycol monoacetate diethylene glycol monobenzoate diethylene glycol monododecyl ether diethylene glycol monomethyl ether diethylene triamine diethyleneglycol bis allylcarbonate diethylenetriaminepenta-acetic acid diethylhexyl phthalate diethyltartrate dinitrate diethylzinc diethyltellurim complex dietry supplement dieuropium dioxide dieuropium disulfide dieuropium monosulfide dieuropium monoxide diferric-transferrin reductase diff variations diffeological spaces diffeomorphism constraint diffeomorphism constraints diffeomorphism covariance diffeomorphism covariant diffeomorphism group diffeomorphism invariance diffeomorphism invariant differ in external appearance difference between a butterfly and a moth difference between friendly and enemy difference between the author's intentions and the multiplicity of potential meanings in the text difference calculus difference density maps difference distribution difference engine difference engines difference equation difference equations difference feminism difference feminisms difference feminists difference frequency generation difference gel electrophoresis difference hierarchy difference in age difference in difference difference in differences difference in electrical potential difference in spelling difference in the electrical potential difference kernel difference kernels difference mark difference of electrical potential difference of two squares difference operator difference operators difference polynomials difference principle difference quotient difference quotients difference series difference that had arisen over its name difference tone difference tones difference-frequency generation differences and inconsistencies differences between butterflies and moths differences between the two codes differences between them differences between versions differences in differences in diagnostic criteria differences in intelligence between races differences of similar values different age different answer different anthem different appearance different articulations different aspects different but equally justified different category different character different classes of citizenship different classifications different color pattern different combinations different companions different conferences different configurations of socio-cultural organization different culture different editions different endings different episode different ethnic groups different faith groups different gaits of the horse different game different gender different ideal different interceptor design different kinds of blood different kinds of taxis different language different languages different lengths different meaning different multiverse different names different nationalities different occupying armies different pH liquid buffer different people can interpret the same evidence differently different personalities different property relations different qualifying procedure different route different schools of thought different seasons different sexual actions different sources different species different speeds different spellings in different languages different storm different systems different team different treatment different tunings different types of black holes different types of multinationals different value different varieties of democracy different versions of string theory different weights differentiability class differentiability of complex function differentiable curve differentiable dynamical system differentiable function differentiable functions differentiable manifold differentiable manifolds differentiable map differentiable maps differentiable or smooth manifolds differentiable real dynamical system differentiable structure differentiable structures differentiable vectors differential (n − 1)-form differential 1-form differential 1-forms differential 2-form differential accumulation differential advantages differential algebra differential algebraic equation differential algebraic equations differential algebras differential amplifier differential amplifiers differential analyser differential analyzer differential analyzers differential association differential attack differential backup differential birth rates differential blob detectors differential brake differential braking differential calculus differential calculus over commutative algebras differential capacitance differential carrier differential centrifugation differential coefficient differential cross section differential cryptanalysis differential current transformer differential degrees of freedom differential design differential diagnoses differential diagnosis differential drive differential drives differential duplex transmission differential element differential encoding differential ended signaling differential entropy differential equation differential equations differential equations from outside physics differential equations of addition differential equations of mathematical physics differential erosion differential evolution differential execution differential expressions differential extraction differential field differential fields differential flotation process differential form differential forms differential forms in physics differential gain differential game differential games differential gear differential gearing differential gears differential geometer differential geometers differential geometric differential geometric terms differential geometry differential geometry and topology differential geometry of curves differential geometry to investigate statistical models differential global positioning system differential graded differential graded algebra differential graded algebras differential graded category differential groups differential hardening differential ideals differential inclusions differential inequality differential inheritance differential interference contrast differential interference contrast microscopy differential interference microscopy differential invariants differential item functioning differential k-form differential k-forms differential lines differential lock differential manifold differential manifolds differential maps differential mode differential mode attenuation differential modulation differential mutation differential n-form differential of a determinant differential of the first kind differential of the inverse matrix differential one-form differential operator differential operators differential or pushforward differential pair differential pairs differential phase-shift keying differential poset differential power analysis differential preservation differential psychology differential pulley-block differential reinforcement differential relations differential resistance differential resolvents differential rotation differential scanning calorimetry differential signaling differential signalling differential signals differential space–time codes differential staining differential steering differential structure differential structures differential system differential technological development differential tempering differential thermal analysis differential throttle differential throttling differential thrust differential time-of-arrival differential topology differential turnout differential variational inequalities differential variational inequality differential wheeled differential-algebraic equations differential-linear attack differential-linear cryptanalysis differentially closed field differentially encoded differentially rotating differentially stained differentials of the first kind differentiate sexually differentiated cells differentiated coatings differentiated lavas differentiated services differentiated teaching differentiating solvents differentiating under the integration sign differentiation of integrals differentiation of self differentiation operator differentiation rules differentiation under the integral sign differently abled differerential growth differing interests of each parent differing versions differs from the other difficult or labored breathing difficult terrain difficult times difficult times of war difficult to explain difficult to finish difficult vocabulary difficult writing difficult-to-escape situation difficulties breathing difficulties that may arise difficulty at the beginning difficulty breathing difficulty in breathing difficulty in programming the game difficulty level difficulty levels difficulty rating difficulty ratings difficulty settings difficulty speaking difficulty swallowing difficulty urinating difficulty walking diffraction angle diffraction artifact diffraction experiment diffraction formalism diffraction grating diffraction gratings diffraction integral diffraction limit diffraction limited diffraction of electrons diffraction of light diffraction orders diffraction pattern diffraction ring diffraction spikes diffraction standard diffraction theory diffraction topography diffractive optical elements diffractive optics diffractive processes diffractive scattering diffractive scintillation diffuse alveolar damage diffuse alveolar hemorrhage diffuse arcs diffuse aurora diffuse axonal injury diffuse brain injuries diffuse brain injury diffuse cerebral swelling diffuse element method diffuse emission nebula diffuse galactic emission diffuse goitre diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis diffuse insolation diffuse inter-reflection diffuse interreflection diffuse interstellar band diffuse interstellar bands diffuse knapweed diffuse layer diffuse light diffuse lighting diffuse nebula diffuse nebulae diffuse optical tomography diffuse panbronchiolitis diffuse reflecting material diffuse reflection diffuse sky radiation diffuse structures diffused light diffused lighting camouflage diffused resistors diffused transistors diffused-base transistor diffusely reflected diffusely reflecting diffusible products diffusing substance diffusion approximation diffusion barrier diffusion barriers diffusion boundary layer diffusion capacitance diffusion capacity diffusion chamber diffusion coatings diffusion coefficient diffusion coefficients diffusion constant diffusion curve diffusion effect diffusion equation diffusion equations diffusion facilitated diffusion filter diffusion filters diffusion flame diffusion flames diffusion gel diffusion gradient diffusion law diffusion layer diffusion length diffusion matrix diffusion of innovation diffusion of innovations diffusion of responsibility diffusion of water diffusion problem diffusion process diffusion processes diffusion pump diffusion pumps diffusion tensor diffusion tensor imaging diffusion theories diffusion theory diffusion through membanes diffusion transistor diffusion transistors diffusion welding diffusion-limited aggregation diffusion-weighted imaging diffusions of innovations diffusively scattering difluoraminooxysulfonyl fluoride difluorine monoxide difluoroacetic acid difluoroamino radical difluoroaminosulfonyl fluoride difluoroboryl radical difluoromethyl radical difluorosilane thiol difructose-anhydride synthase dig graves dig in dig tv digadolinium dioxide digadolinium monoxide digalactosyldiacylglycerol synthase digallium ditelluride digallium hexachloride digallium monotelluride digallium monoxide digallium sulfide digalllium monoselenide digamma function digamma inversum digaph letter digastric branch digastric fossa digastric groove digastric muscle digastric muscles digastric triangle digenetic trematodes digeorge syndrome digermanium dinitride oxide digermanium dioxide digermanium diselenide digermanium disulfide digermanium ditelluride digermanium mononitride digermanium tetrafluoride digest access authentication digest authentication digest comic digest format digest function digest magazines digest size digest sized digested sludge digestibility of food digestible protein digestive action of the stomach digestive aid digestive apparatus digestive biscuit digestive biscuits digestive canal digestive diseases digestive disorders digestive enzyme digestive enzymes digestive fluid digestive health digestive hormone digestive hormones digestive juice digestive juices digestive organs digestive problems digestive process digestive secretions digestive signs and symptoms digestive system digestive system disorders digestive systems digestive tissue digestive tract digestive tracts digestive tube digger bee digger bees digger pine digger wasps digging animals digging fork digging in the crates digging stick digging sticks digi tel digit group separators digit grouping digit ratio digit ratios digit span digit sum digit summing digital 'word' digital access digital adder digital age digital agency digital album digital aliasing digital amplification digital amplifiers digital and artificial lifeforms digital and privacy rights management digital animation digital animation production system digital animator digital archive digital art digital arteries digital artifact digital artist digital artistic digital artists digital artmaking digital artwork digital artworks digital asset digital asset management digital asset management system digital assets digital assistants digital asynchronous circuits digital audio digital audio broadcasting digital audio compression digital audio compression scheme digital audio editing digital audio editor digital audio editors digital audio effects digital audio extraction digital audio format digital audio hardware digital audio media digital audio player digital audio players digital audio players digital audio processors digital audio production digital audio radio satellite digital audio radio service digital audio recorder digital audio recordings digital audio samples digital audio signal processing digital audio splitter digital audio tape digital audio tape recorders digital audio tapes digital audio workstation digital audio workstations digital audio workstations DAW's digital back digital backlot digital backs digital bandwidth digital bearer certificates digital biquad filter. digital biquad filters digital bit-stream digital books digital branches digital broadcast digital broadcasting digital broadcasts digital business digital cable digital cable boxes digital cable ready digital cable telephony digital cable television digital calculator digital call quality digital camcorder digital camcorders digital camera digital camera astrophotography digital camera back digital camera backs digital camera basics digital cameras digital camouflage digital campus digital capture digital cartridges digital cash digital cassettes digital cellular digital certificate digital certificates digital channel digital channel election digital channel elections digital character digital chess clock digital cinema digital cinema projection digital cinematography digital circuit digital circuitry digital circuits digital cities digital class digital clock digital clocks digital color television digital colorist digital comic digital command digital communication digital communication circuits digital communications digital communities digital compact cameras digital compact cassette digital compass digital composite digital composites digital compositing digital compositor digital compression digital computer digital computers digital computing digital computing devices digital connectivity digital content digital content creation digital control digital control systems digital controllers digital copy digital counter digital coverage digital credentials digital cross pad digital cross-connect systems digital culture digital curation digital currency digital currency exchanger digital currency exchangers digital darkroom digital dashboard digital dashboards digital data digital data files digital data transmission over telephone lines digital delay digital delay generators digital delay line digital delay lines digital delivery digital democracy digital design digital design techniques digital dictation digital display digital displays digital distributed digital distribution digital distribution channels digital divide digital divide issues digital division digital document file digital documents digital download digital downloading digital downloads digital duet digital duplicator digital economy digital ecosystem digital editing digital effects digital elaboration digital electronic digital electronic circuits digital electronics digital elevation digital elevation data digital elevation map digital elevation maps digital elevation model digital elevation models digital emulation digital encoding digital entertainment digital envelope digital era digital era governance digital espionage