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low-energy constants low-energy electron diffraction low-energy electron diffraction low-energy house low-energy houses low-energy housing low-energy light-bulbs low-energy lighting low-energy vehicles low-enriched uranium low-fare airline low-fare carriers low-fares airline low-fares airlines low-fat diet low-fat diets low-fat theory low-fat vegan diets low-floor "well" cars low-floor bus low-floor buses low-floor trams low-flow regulation low-frequency effect low-frequency effects low-frequency oscillator low-frequency oscillators low-frequency radar low-frequency radars low-frequency sound low-g condition low-gain antenna low-gain antennas low-glycemic-index diets low-grade bypass low-grade fever low-grade fevers low-grade iron-ore low-grade lymphoma low-impact logging low-impact recreation low-impact recreational low-income countries low-income cut-off low-income groups low-income homes low-income housing low-information voters low-insulin-index diet low-intensity armed conflict low-intensity conflict low-intensity confrontation low-intensity war low-intensity warfare low-ionization nuclear emission-line region low-ionization nuclear emission-line regions low-key feedback low-key lighting low-key tour low-level coding low-level device control low-level document low-level documents low-level formats low-level formatted low-level formatting low-level language low-level mesocyclone low-level nuclear waste low-level programming low-level programming language low-level programming languages low-level radiation low-level radiation exposure low-level radioactive waste low-level visual stimulation low-level waste low-light sensitivity low-light vision low-lying lands low-mass star low-mass stars low-melting alloys low-molecular weight kininogen low-molecular-weight heparin low-molecular-weight heparins low-noise amplifier low-noise block converter low-noise block downconverter low-noise block downconverters low-noise blockconverter low-occupancy vehicle low-octane fuel low-octane petrol low-order explosive low-pass analog electronic filter low-pass equivalent low-pass filter low-pass filtered low-pass filtering low-pass filters low-point beer low-power broadcast low-power broadcaster low-power broadcasting low-power communication device low-power radio low-power radio station low-power radio stations low-power station low-power stations low-power television low-power television station low-power television stations low-power transmitter low-powered satellite stations low-powered station low-powered stations low-powered television low-powered television station low-pressure area low-pressure cells low-pressure phenomena low-pressure sodium low-pressure system low-pressure systems low-priced record low-profile tires low-rate initial production low-ratio gearbox low-register language low-residency program low-rise apartments low-rise jeans low-rise pants low-seated ears low-set ears low-speed aerodynamics low-speed flight low-sulfur coal low-temperature buffer layer low-temperature superconductor low-temperature thermal desorption low-trust systems low-velocity airdrop low-voltage arc low-voltage differential low-voltage differential signalling low-voltage electrical engineering low-volume compliance low-wage earners low-water mark of the southern shore low-wing monoplane lowball glass lowbrow art lowbrow art movement lowbrow comedy lowcountry cooking lowender perran lower 48 lower 48 states lower abdomen lower and mid-littoral zones lower and upper bounds lower atmosphere lower back lower back tattoo lower back tattoos lower bay lower body lower body lift lower border lower bound lower bound algorithm lower bounds lower bowel lower branch lower budget art lower canine teeth lower case lower caste lower castes lower central series lower chamber lower chamber of parliament lower chambers lower city lower class lower classes lower classes neighbourhoods lower classes suburbs lower clergy lower closure lower convex envelope lower cortex lower course lower court lower cranial nerve nuclei lower cretaceous lower criticism lower crust lower cuddling lower culmination lower deck lower decks lower density lower earnings limit lower east side lower echelons of society lower end lower end of femur lower end of radius lower end of tibia lower endoscopy lower esophageal sphincter lower explosive limit lower extremities lower extremity of femur lower extremity of tibia lower eyelid lower facelift lower factorials lower falls lower flammable limit lower functional calculus lower gastrointestinal tract lower genitourinary tract lower ground clearance lower gun deck lower half lower half-plane lower heating value lower heterobranchs lower high lower house lower house of parliament lower house parliament lower houses lower housing costs lower hybrid lower hybrid frequency waves lower hybrid oscillation lower hybrid oscillations lower income lower incomplete gamma function lower intercostal lower intercostal arteries lower intercostal nerves lower intestines lower jaw lower jaws lower judicatories lower labials lower lateral cartilage lower layer protocol lower layer protocols lower league lower leg lower leg level lower legislative house lower legs lower level lower limb lower limb lower limbs lower limit lower limit topology lower lip lower littoral lower mainland lower management lower mandibles lower mantle lower mast lower masts lower matter octaves lower mental functions lower mid, back, and made with slight lip rounding lower middle class lower middle classes lower middle order lower middle-class lower montane lower motor neuron lower motor neuron disease lower motor neurone lower motor neurone lesion lower motor neurone lesions lower motor neurones lower motor neurons lower noble lower nobleman lower nobleman's lower officers lower opening of the thorax lower or middle-order lower orbit lower order lower part of the atmosphere lower pelvic muscles lower peninsula lower peninsula's lower petal lower planes lower plant lower plants lower pole of testis lower power lower priced housing lower prices lower primates lower quadrant signals lower quality lower quartile lower races lower realm lower register lower respiratory system lower respiratory tract lower school lower schools lower sea lower sea levels lower second lower second class degree lower second class honours lower second-class honours lower secondary lower secondary school lower secondary schools lower segment cesarian section lower semi-continuous lower semicontinuity lower semicontinuous lower semilattice lower set lower sets lower shoreface lower side band lower sideband lower sidebands lower sindh lower social classes lower socio-economic community lower speed lower spine lower stratospheric lower subscapular lower subscapular nerve lower subscapular nerves lower sulfur oxides lower surface lower tangent arc lower tangent arcs lower taxes lower teeth lower temporal line lower tertiary lower than male average income lower than men's average income lower than theories predicted lower third lower thirds lower this age to seven lower tie bar lower tier municipality lower topology lower transverse sacral tubercles lower triangular lower triangular matrix lower triangular space lower urinary tract lower visual centers lower vowel lower world lower worlds lower yields lower-altitude grassy plains lower-case double-'f' lower-case letters lower-end charm lower-end market lower-house election lower-income residents lower-level code lower-level language lower-level series lower-middle class lower-middle order lower-middle-income economy lower-partial moment lower-ranking officers lower-tier municipality lower-upper-middle class lowercase form lowercase letter lowercase letters lowercase music lowercase people lowered ceilings lowered immunity lowered third lowering diacritic lowering measurement tools lowering operator lowering taxation lowering the standards of lowest air temperature lowest and highest values lowest astronomical tide lowest body of water lowest caste lowest common ancestor lowest common ancestors lowest common denominator lowest common multiple lowest cost path algorithm lowest division lowest elevation lowest in the nation lowest local elevation lowest median household income lowest national level lowest nationwide division lowest per capita incomes lowest point lowest possible variance among all unbiased estimators lowest precedence operator lowest published lethal dose lowest recorded attendance lowest reliably measured temperature lowest safe altitude lowest splanchnic lowest splanchnic nerve lowest temperature reached lowest tenth lowest terms lowest tier lowest unoccupied molecular orbital lowest upper bound axiom lowest usable high frequency lowest weight representation loweye catfish lowgrade fever lowland aborigines lowland brittle fern lowland dipterocarp lowland gorilla lowland gorillas lowland heath lowland heath communities lowland longjawed galaxias lowland mire lowland moor lowland rainforests lowland swamps lowland tropical rainforest lowpass filter lowpass filters lowrey organ lowrider bicycle lowrider bicycles lowrider bikes lowrider tricycles lowveld largemouth loxapine succinate loya jirga loya jriga loyal address loyal client loyal fans loyal opposition loyal order parades loyal orders loyalist feud loyalist feuds loyalist paramilitaries loyalist refugees loyalist rioters loyalty business model loyalty business models loyalty card loyalty card scheme loyalty cards loyalty cards" loyalty effect loyalty mark loyalty mark system loyalty marketing loyalty oath loyalty oaths loyalty program loyalty programme loyalty programmes loyalty programs loyalty reward program loyalty reward schemes loyalty segments loyalty tests lozovača lp space lp spaces lu-shih ch'un-ch'iu lub czasopisma lubber fiend lubber grasshopper lubber line lube oil lube oils lubelski county lubricant oil lubricating fluid lubricating ingredient lubricating oil lubricating oils luc bat luc huyen cam luca pacioli lucha libre lucid dream lucid dreamers lucid dreaming lucid dreams lucid interval lucid living luciferin and luciferase luciferin-luciferase system luciferyl sulfate luck egalitarianism luck investment luck of the draw luck-eee starrrr luckiest numbers lucky bags lucky charm lucky charms lucky dog lucky imaging lucky loonie lucky loser lucky money lucky number lucky numbers lucky prime lucky sort lucrative "work from home opportunity" lucumo tree ludi magni ludi saeculares ludi seculares ludic fallacy ludus duodecim scriptorum luffing-jib tower crane electrical connector lug nut lug nuts lug terminal lug wrench lug-fastened and brazed luge world championships luggage carousels luggage carrier luggage carriers luggage compartment luggage handling luggage trunk lugged brazed steel lugged steel luk grung luk kreung luk sau luk thung luk thung prayuk luke geraty lulav and etrog lululemon athletica luma key lumbar anterior root implant lumbar anterior root stimulator lumbar arteries lumbar artery lumbar back lumbar branch of iliolumbar artery lumbar colostomy lumbar curve lumbar discal hernia lumbar enlargement lumbar enlargements lumbar fascia lumbar ganglia lumbar glands lumbar hernia lumbar intervertebral disc lumbar lordosis lumbar lymph nodes lumbar lymphatic trunks lumbar nerve lumbar nerves lumbar plexus lumbar puncture lumbar punctures lumbar region lumbar segment lumbar spinal cord lumbar spinal nerves lumbar spine lumbar splanchnic nerves lumbar spondylosis lumbar support lumbar triangle lumbar trunk lumbar trunks lumbar vein lumbar veins lumbar vertebra lumbar vertebrae lumbar vertebræ lumbar vessel lumber baron lumber barons lumber camp lumber camps lumber industry lumber mill lumber mills lumber trade lumber trader lumber yard lumber yards lumberjack match lumbocostal ligament lumbocostalis lateralis lumbodorsal fascia lumboinguinal branch lumboinguinal nerve lumborum muscle lumbosacral enlargement lumbosacral ganglion lumbosacral joint lumbosacral plexus lumbosacral transitional vertebrae lumbosacral trunk lumbrical muscle lumbrical muscles lumbrical muscles of the foot of foot lumbricals of the hand lumen christi lumen naturale lumens per watt lumi masking luminal side of the cell luminance as used in color science luminance signal luminance value luminescent centre luminescent light luminescent protein luminiferous aether luminiferous ether luminiferous æther luminis holding luminist landscapes luminosity class luminosity classes luminosity distance luminosity distances luminosity function luminosity functions luminous blue luminous blue variable luminous blue variables luminous cocoon luminous coefficient luminous efficacy luminous efficiency luminous emittance luminous energy luminous flux luminous hake luminous infrared galaxies luminous intensity luminous paint luminous paints luminous phenomena luminous power luminous vibriosis lumière des dieux lump constants lump hammer lump in breast lump in chest lump in his testicles lump sum lump sum tax lump-sum taxation lumped back together and split apart lumped circuits lumped component lumped components lumped element lumped element model lumped elements lumped parameter lumped parameter system lumped parameters lumped-capacitance model lumped-element circuit theory lumpen proletariat lumpers and splitters lumphead cichlid lumping and splitting lumpy skin disease lumpy skin disease virus lumpyskin disease luna moths luna park lunar atmosphere lunar base lunar bases lunar bull lunar cable lunar calendar lunar calendars lunar challenge lunar colonies lunar colonization lunar colony lunar conjunction lunar constellations lunar control net lunar crater lunar crater "Walter" lunar crater "Walther" lunar craters lunar crescent lunar crescents lunar cycle lunar cycles lunar day lunar distance lunar distance method lunar distances lunar dome lunar domes lunar dragons lunar dust lunar eclipse lunar eclipses lunar effect lunar equator lunar exploration lunar explorer lunar far side lunar farside lunar flier lunar flights lunar flower lunar fortnight lunar gardening lunar geologic timescale lunar goddess lunar habitat lunar habitation lunar highland lunar highlands lunar ice lunar lander lunar landing lunar landing missions lunar landing module lunar landing training program lunar landings lunar laser ranging lunar laser ranging experiments lunar letters lunar magma ocean lunar mansion lunar mansions lunar maps lunar mare lunar mares lunar maria lunar maria, or "seas" lunar meteorite lunar meteorites lunar minor standstill lunar mission lunar missions lunar module lunar module computer lunar modules lunar month lunar months lunar motion lunar mountains lunar new year lunar node lunar nodes lunar nomenclature lunar occulations lunar occultation lunar occultations lunar one lunar orbit lunar orbit explorer lunar orbit insertion lunar orbit rendezvous lunar orbiter lunar orbits lunar outpost lunar parallax lunar phase lunar phases lunar plaque lunar plaques lunar precession lunar probe lunar program lunar race lunar radiation lunar rainbow lunar ranging lunar research community lunar rills lunar rock lunar rock samples lunar rocks lunar rotation lunar rover lunar rovers lunar roving vehicles lunar sample lunar samples lunar settlement lunar soil lunar soils lunar space elevator lunar space elevators lunar standstill lunar surface lunar surface environment lunar surface material lunar tables lunar topsoil lunar transfer orbit lunar transient phenomena lunar uplands lunar week lunar year lunar years lunate bone lunate bones lunate sigma lunate surface lunatic asylum lunatic asylums lunch bag lunch box lunch boxes lunch break lunch counter lunch counters lunch lord lunch rooms lunch services lunch table lunch trucks lunch wagon lunchbox computers luncheon loaf luncheon meat luncheon meats luncheon vouchers lunette ring lung abscess lung adenocarcinoma lung ailments lung allocation score lung blockage lung blowers lung bud lung buds lung cancer lung cancers lung capacity lung carcinoma lung carcinomas lung contusion lung crackles lung disease lung diseases lung edema lung embolism lung emphysema lung failure lung fish lung fluke lung flukes lung function lung function test lung function tests lung functions lung hemorrhage lung hypoplasia lung infection lung infections lung metastases lung neoplasm lung nodules lung problems lung sounds lung surfactant lung tissue lung transplant lung transplantation lung transplants lung tumor lung tumors lung tumours lung volume lung volumes lung worm lunge line lungless salamander lungless salamanders lungs and air sacs lungs of humans luni-solar cycle lunisolar calendar lunisolar calendars lunisolar cycles lunisolar precession lunitidal interval luohan zhai lup cheong lupara bianca lupin beans lupin milk lupin seed lupus anticoagulant lupus anticoagulants lupus gastroenteritis lupus nephritis lupus vulgaris lur interface lure coursing lure fish lure in fly flishing lure of gold lurid rocksnail luridly reported lurker above lurking variable lurking variables luscious fruits lush strings lust for one's mother lust for power lust murder lust murderer luster pottery lustration in other countries lustre effect lustre programming language lustred maiolica luta livre lute guitar lute solo lute song lute songs lute tablature luteal phase luteal phase defect luteinising hormone luteinizing hormone luteinizing hormone releasing hormone luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonist luteolin 7-O-beta-D-diglucuronide luteolin 7-O-beta-D-glucuronide luteolin 7-O-glucuronosyltransferase lutetium aluminum garnet lutetium boride lutetium bromide lutetium chloride lutetium dicarbide lutetium fluoride lutetium iodide lutetium monoxide lutetium nitrate lutetium nitride lutetium oxide lutetium oxyorthosilicate lutetium sulfide lutetium tetracarbide lutetium texaphyrin lutetium tribromide lutetium trichloride lutetium trifluoride lutetium triiodide lutheran church lutheran denomination lutropin alfa lutz jump luv wave lux operon luxe bohemian luxe grunge luxurious brands luxury 4x4 luxury apartments luxury attendant droid luxury automobile luxury automobile brand luxury automobile marques luxury automobiles luxury box luxury boxes luxury brand luxury brands luxury car luxury car brand luxury cars luxury consumer goods luxury division luxury four wheel drive luxury good luxury goods luxury homes luxury homes and condominiums luxury hotel luxury hotels luxury import car luxury imports luxury item luxury items luxury liner luxury liners luxury market luxury marque luxury minivan luxury models luxury motoryachts luxury ocean liner luxury palace luxury product luxury products luxury real estate luxury residences luxury resort luxury resorts luxury retailers luxury saloon luxury sedan luxury sedans luxury suites luxury tax luxury taxes luxury vehicle luxury vehicle market luxury vehicles luxury wagon luxury yacht luxury yacht tender luxury yacht tenders luxury yachts lwihdat refugee camp lwwah le-Moshab lycaenid butterflies lycan-vampire hybrid lycanthropic sexual fantasies lyceum bureaus lyceum movement lyceum of physics in mathematics lych gate lych gates lychee nut lydian mode lye rolls lye soap lygus bug lygus bugs lying ahull lying in honor lying in repose lying in state lying on the back lying to a federal officer lying triceps extensions lying under oath lying when he said that lyings in state lyle gun lyme & cybelle lyme grass lymph cancer lymph capillaries lymph ducts lymph follicles lymph gland lymph gland of lymph glands lymph glands of lymph node lymph node biopsy lymph node dissection lymph node drainage lymph node mapping lymph nodes lymph nodules lymph path lymph sinus lymph sinuses lymph stasis lymph system lymph vascular system lymph vessel lymph vessels lymphadenopathy associated virus lymphangitis carcinomatosa lymphangitis carcinomatosis lymphatic biology lymphatic cancer lymphatic capillaries lymphatic capillaries in lymphatic capillaries of lymphatic capillary lymphatic channels lymphatic circulation lymphatic diseases lymphatic drainage lymphatic filariasis lymphatic flow lymphatic fluid lymphatic gland lymphatic glands lymphatic glands of lymphatic mapping lymphatic nodes lymphatic nodules lymphatic nodules of lymphatic pathways lymphatic structures lymphatic system lymphatic systems lymphatic tissue lymphatic tissues lymphatic trunks lymphatic vessel lymphatic vessels lymphatic vessels of lymphatics of lymphaticus dexter lymphedema distichiasis lymphoblastic leukemia lymphoblastoid cells lymphocutaneous disease lymphocyte densities lymphocyte function-associated antigen-1 lymphocyte homing lymphocyte homing receptor lymphocytic colitis lymphogranuloma venereum lymphoid aggregates lymphoid cancer lymphoid cells lymphoid follicles lymphoid ganglions lymphoid interstitial pneumonia lymphoid interstitial pneumonitis lymphoid nodule lymphoid nodules lymphoid organs lymphoid tissue lymphoid tissues lymphokine activated killer cells lymphokine-activated killer cell lymphokine-activated killer cells lymphoproliferative response lymphoproliferative virus group lymphotoxin alpha TNF superfamily, member 1 lymphotoxin beta TNF superfamily, member 3 lymphotoxin beta receptor lynx spider lynx spiders lyon 1ere lyon and a dragon lyotropic liquid crystal lyra viol lyrate rocksnail lyratyl acetate lyre arm lyre bird lyre snake lyre-tailed honey guide lyric baritone lyric coloratura lyric coloratura soprano lyric drama lyric form lyric poem lyric poems lyric poet lyric poetry lyric poets lyric romances lyric sheet lyric soprano lyric style lyric technique lyric tenor lyric tragedy lyric works lyric writing lyrical abstract lyrical abstraction lyrical abstractionist lyrical battles lyrical content lyrical dance lyrical epic lyrical hooks lyrical landscape lyrical novels lyrical pattern lyrical phrases lyrical poem lyrical poems lyrical poet lyrical poetess lyrical poetry lyrical poets lyrical self lyrical soprano lyrical structures lyrical substance lyrical verse lyrical visionary lyrical war goliardic poetry lyrics collaborator lyrics to this tune in many other languages lyrics was changed lysergic acid lysergic acid amide lysergic acid amide lysergic acid diethylamide lysergic acid diethylamine tartrate lysi hory lysine 2,3-aminomutase lysine 2-monooxygenase lysine 6-dehydrogenase lysine biosynthesis lysine carbamoyltransferase lysine carboxypeptidase lysine decarboxylase lysine degradation lysine dehydrogenase lysine methyltransferases lysine price fixing lysine racemase lysine tritbdms lysine-tRNA ligase lysine-tRNAPyl ligase lysis buffer lysogen induction lysogenic conversion lysogenic cycle lysogenic life cycle lysogeny broth lysolecithin acylmutase lysophosphatidic acid lysosomal acid lipase lysosomal degradation lysosomal diseases lysosomal disorder lysosomal enzymes lysosomal lipase lysosomal membrane protein lysosomal metabolism lysosomal storage disease lysosomal storage diseases lysosomal storage disorder lysosomal trafficking regulator lysyl 5-hydroxylase lysyl endopeptidase lysyl hydroxylase lysyl oxidase lythophytic plant lytic bone disease lytic cycle lytic infection lytic lesion lytic lifecycle lytic secretory granules lytic stage lèse majesté légion d'honneur lê thi diem thúy lì xì língua brasílica língua geral língua geral amazônica língua geral paulista línguas gerais lóng dǎn xiè gān wán lön & jobb lü-shih ch'un-ch'iu lā ilaha illā-llah lěng yán lěng yánwhere lěng zi jīn lōrīca segmentāta m-Anisic acid m-Toluic acid m-adic number m-adic topology m-affine connection m-chloroperoxybenzoic acid m-dependent central limit theorem m-flo inside m-toluic acid m-xylene data page mEgo inc mIRC games mIRC script mIRC scripts mKhas grub dge legs dpal bzang po mRNA (2'-O-methyladenosine-N6-)-methyltransferase mRNA (guanine-N7-)-methyltransferase mRNA (nucleoside-2'-O-)-methyltransferase mRNA display mRNA guanylyltransferase mRNA splicing mTOR inhibitors mWIG 40 ma gua ma huang ma malakat aymanukum ma non troppo ma po tofu maNga album maafathi neshun maaleh ashan maar lakes maasai giraffe maaser sheni mab darogan mac 'n cheese mac and cheese mac daddy mac infobox mac laptops mac mini macaca fascicularis macaca mulatta macaca nemestrina macaca radiata macadamia nut macadamia nut oil macadamia nuts macadamia oil macadamized system macaque monkey macaque monkeys macaroni & cheese macaroni and cheese macaroni cheese macaroni noodles macaroni penguins macaroni salad macaronic diction macaronic poets macaronic song macaronic verse macassar oil mace of arms mace spray macedonian bag pipe macedonian phalanx macedonian renaissance macedonikos antikristos maces and clubs mach 3 mach 5 mach buffet mach number mach tuck machacado con huevo machaera or makhaira machair formation machair vegetation machairodont saber-tooths machilus thunbergii machina ratiocinatrix machinable wax machinaw trousers J-Pop machine aesthetic machine age machine assisted proof construction machine belting machine building machine cancellations machine cannon machine cannons machine carbine machine centers machine certificates machine check exceptions machine city machine code machine code debugger machine code monitor machine code monitors machine codes machine comprehension machine consciousness machine construction machine control machine controllers