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refinements in exoplanet detection methods refinery ship refines oil refining of crude oil refining of metal refining of minerals reflect neutrons reflect the moods or thoughts reflectance meter reflectance spectra reflectance spectrum reflected glory effect reflected in a mirror reflected inguinal reflected inguinal ligament reflected light reflected power reflected pulse reflected solar energy reflected wave reflected-wave switching reflecting circle reflecting dish reflecting dishes reflecting instrument reflecting layer reflecting lens reflecting navigation instrument reflecting pond reflecting pool reflecting pools reflecting quadrant reflecting surface reflecting telescope reflecting telescopes computer graphics computer science linear algebra reflection coefficient reflection coefficients reflection formula reflection group reflection groups reflection high energy electron diffraction reflection high-energy electron diffraction reflection mapping reflection nebula reflection nebulae reflection nebulas reflection nebulosity reflection planes reflection positivity reflection principle reflection principles reflection seismic exploration reflection seismology reflection symmetries reflection symmetry reflection technique reflectional receiver reflectional symmetries reflectional symmetry reflections of reflections on the social future of mankind reflective business paradigm reflective characteristics reflective coating reflective coatings reflective cycle reflective equilibrium reflective inquiry reflective interpreter reflective loss reflective material reflective optics reflective practice reflective process reflective programming reflective property of parabolas reflective road markings reflective signs reflective subcategory reflective surfaces reflective teaching reflective telescope reflectively stable reflectivity range reflector antenna reflector factor reflector gunsight reflector sight reflector sights reflector telescope reflector telescopes reflectory reaction reflectory reactions reflex action reflex actions reflex anal dilatation reflex angle reflex angles reflex arc reflex arcs reflex bleed reflex bow reflex bows reflex bradycardia reflex cameras reflex circuits reflex epilepsy reflex finder reflex hammer reflex klystron reflex lenses reflex mirror reflex neurosis reflex operation reflex optical viewfinder reflex paths reflex points reflex port reflex principle reflex sight reflex sights reflex tachycardia reflex tests reflex time reflex viewfinder reflex zenith tube reflexive closure reflexive form reflexive modernization reflexive monism reflexive objects reflexive operator algebra reflexive polytopes reflexive possessive pronoun reflexive prefix reflexive pronominal reflexive pronoun reflexive pronouns reflexive relation reflexive self-consciousness reflexive sociology reflexive space reflexive spaces reflexive subspace lattice reflexive theory reflexive user interface reflexive user interfaces reflexive verb reflexive verbs reflexive voice zone therapy reflow oven reflow soldered reflow soldering reflow syndrome reflux condenser reflux esophagitis reflux nephropathy reflux suppressants reflux uropathy reform and opening up reform bill reform calendar reform chiropractors reform education reform effort reform efforts reform era reform its economy reform leaders reform liberalism reform math reform mathematics reform measures reform movement reform movement's reform movements reform of human institutions reform of the calendar reform of the electoral system reform period reform plan reform program reform school reform schools reform synagogue reform the electoral system reform the national economic setup reform to the calendar reforma newspaper reformatio in peius reformation efforts reformational movement reformational philosophers reformational philosophy reformative probation reformatory cane reformatory school reformed calendar reformed charismatic reformed church reformed churches reformed communist reformed creed reformed epistemology reformed orthography reformed papacy reformed religion reformed the economy reformed theology reformed thought reformed tradition reforming drug policy reforming movement reforming the economy reforming tradition reformist camp reformist candidates reformist canidates reformist government reformist ideas reformist movement reformist parties reformist rebellion reformist socialist reformist socialists reformists and centrists reforms of local government reforms of the economy reforms program reforms to its economy reformulation letter refounded the party refracted ray refracted rays refracting media refracting telescope refracting telescopes refraction errors refraction index refraction of light refraction prescription refraction seismograph refractive eye surgery refractive index refractive index detector refractive index increment refractive index matching oil refractive index profile refractive indexes refractive indices refractive material refractive medium refractive power refractive powers refractive surgeries refractive surgery refractive surgical procedure refractometric dried substance refractor shards refractor telescope refractor telescopes refractory brick refractory bricks refractory cancer refractory cement refractory ceramic refractory depression refractory material refractory metal refractory metals refractory period refractory periods refractory time refrain from eating meat refrain from eating the meat refrain from sexual relations refrained from sexual activity refresh logic refresh rate refresh rates refreshable braille display refreshable braille displays refreshable memory refried beans refried soy beans refrigerated "reefer" cars refrigerated boxcar refrigerated cargo ship refrigerated cargo ships refrigerated cars refrigerated freight cars refrigerated meat trade refrigerated rail cars refrigerated railroad cars refrigerated rooms refrigerated shipping refrigerated ships refrigerated storage refrigerated store ship refrigerated stores ship refrigerated truckload refrigerated trucks refrigeration cycle refrigeration cycles refrigeration ship refrigeration ton refrigeration tons refrigerative disgorging refrigerator car refrigerator cars refrigerator door refrigerator light refrigerator magnet refrigerator magnets refrigerator mother refrigerator mothers refrigerator ship refrigerator truck refrigerator trucks refueling accident refueling boom refueling outage refueling outages refueling pods refueling ship with helicopter support refueling station refueling tanker refueling tankers refuelling aircraft refuelling oiler refuelling tanker refuge ceremony refuge hut refuge island refuge islands refuge theory refuge tree refuge trees refugee camp refugee camps refugee law refugee problem refugee resettlement refugee response refugee return refugee shelters refugee ships refugee situation refugee species refugee status refugee transport "Goya" refugee travel documents refugees and asylum seekers refund anticipation loan refund anticipation loans refund theft refundable tax credit refundable tax credits refurbish old computers refusal clauses refusal ever to marry refusal of work refusal skill refusal skills refusal to deal refusal to extradite a terrorist refusal to issue an emigration visa refusal to join refuse blood transfusions refuse chute refuse collection refuse collector refuse counsel refuse deployment refuse derived fuel refuse dumps refuse lorry refuse orders refuse service refuse sites refuse to issue exit visas refuse to serve refuse-derived fuel refuse-derived fuels refused classification refused to accept refused to accept defeat refused to convict refused to follow refused to participate refused to pay taxes refused to play refused to play the album refused to pledge loyalty refused to surrender refused to take the oath refused to testify in public refusenik movement refuses to give any information refusing food refusing nutrition and hydration refusing the flank refusing to pay taxes refusing to put refusing to serve refusing to serve in the military refutation tables refutation trees refute or reinterprete regain its ritual purity by washing the parts regain youth regained control of the state regained full sovereignty regained her independence regained independence regained its independence regained power regaining independence regal chair regal stop regal tang regal whiptail catfish regarded as regarded as a joke in the game regarded as female regardless of its intentions regardless of manufacturer regardless of their official religious affiliation regardless of whatever anyone else does regatta lake regency council regency government regency houses regency romance regency style regenerate damaged tissue regeneration and recovery regeneration process regeneration programme regeneration project regeneration techniques regenerative ability regenerative amplifiers regenerative brake regenerative brakes regenerative braking regenerative breaking regenerative capacitor memory regenerative cell regenerative circuit regenerative cooling regenerative development regenerative energy regenerative finance regenerative fuel cell regenerative fuel cells regenerative furnace regenerative gas furnace regenerative healing regenerative heat exchanger regenerative heat exchangers regenerative medicine regenerative mode regenerative phenomena regenerative power regenerative powers regenerative preheating regenerative receiver regenerative receivers regenerative rehabilitation regenerative technology regeneratively cooled regent master regent queen regents board reggae bop reggae dancehall reggae music reggae musician reggae rock reggae singers reggae sound systems regge trajectory regime change regime of the colonels regime of the same name regime shift regime theory regime type regiment of the same name regimental band regimental cantons regimental colour regimental colours regimental combat team regimental depot regimental distinctive insignia regimental eagle regimental flag regimental flags regimental guns regimental headquarters regimental level regimental march regimental museum regimental number regimental police regimental quartermaster sergeant regimental sergeant major regimental sergeant-major regimental silver regimental spirit regimental symbol regimental system regiments flag region "beyond the rapids" region 1 region 2 region 3 region 4 region borders region code region coded region codes region coding region connection calculi region encode region encoding region free region growing region in historical context region inference region locking region lockout region name region named region of region of convergence region of convergence region of discontinuity region of glacial till, with numerous glacial lakes and wetlands region of interest region of low pressure region of space region of the same name region of Åland region scheduling region specific licensing region that spans most region united region was divided region-based storage management regional accent regional accents regional accreditation regional accrediting regional accrediting agency regional accrediting association regional accrediting body regional accrediting organization regional accrediting organizations regional accreditor regional accreditors regional administrator regional affiliate regional affiliates regional agency regional air carrier regional aircraft regional airline regional airliner regional airliners regional airlines regional airport regional airports regional anaesthesia regional anaesthetic regional analgesia regional and district regional and local regional anesthesia regional anesthetic regional anthem regional art regional arts associations regional arts organizations regional assemblies regional assembly regional assembly referendums regional associations regional authorities regional authority regional autonomy regional avifauna regional banks regional biota regional block regional brands regional breweries regional brewery regional bus terminal regional business development regional campus regional cancer regional capital regional carriers regional centers regional centres regional channel regional chemotherapy regional code regional colleges regional combatant command regional commands regional commissioners regional commuter system regional conferences of elected officers regional conquest regional corporation regional corporations regional council regional councillor regional councils regional counsellor regional counselor regional county municipalities regional county municipality regional court regional cuisine regional development regional development agencies regional development agency regional development center regional development policy regional dialect regional dialects regional differences regional dish regional district regional districts regional division regional divisions regional economic crisis regional economics regional economy regional educational service agency regional election regional elections regional electricity regional electricity company regional enteritis regional evolution regional exchanges regional extinctions regional fashion mall regional federal courts regional festivals regional finals regional football associations regional fortification regional geography regional government regional government office regional government purposes regional governments regional health authorities regional health minister regional hegemony regional history regional idea regional identities regional identity regional influence regional influences regional integration regional internet registries regional jet regional jet airliners regional jetliners regional jets regional language regional languages regional league regional leagues regional level regional library network regional light-rail system regional line regional list system regional lockout regional lymph node regional lymph node dissection regional mall regional malls regional market center regional market centers regional metamorphic regional metamorphism regional mexican regional military commands regional military governor regional minister regional minority languages regional modernism regional municipalities regional municipality regional name regional names regional national parks regional natural park regional neighbors regional nerve blockade regional network regional news regional news bulletins regional newspaper regional newspapers regional non-profit theatres regional park regional parks regional parliament regional parties regional phone companies regional planning regional planning agency regional playback control regional police regional police force regional policies regional policy regional political differences regional political party regional politics regional power regional powers regional predominance regional primaries regional produce regional programs regional pronunciation regional rail regional rail lines regional rail services regional railcars regional railroad regional rails regional railstation regional railway regional railways regional redes regional registries regional representative regional representatives regional represetentative regional rivalries regional road regional roads regional route regional routes regional rural development regional sales offices regional science regional scientist regional screen agencies regional shopping center regional shopping centre regional shopping mall regional speeches regional sports regional sports network regional sports networks regional sports television network regional stamps regional state regional station regional stations regional status regional stock exchange regional stock exchanges regional structure of local government regional struggle regional studies regional styles regional subsidiaries regional supervenience regional technical college regional technical colleges regional television regional television station regional theater regional theaters regional theatre regional theatre company regional theatres regional tours regional trade agreement regional train regional trains regional university regional urbanization regional variants regional variation regional variations regional varieties regional variety of the language regional vernacular regional vernaculars regional vocabulary regional wine classification regional wing regional wrestling regionalised 4th division regionalised 5th division regionalized versions regionally accredited regionally heterothermic regionary bishop regione autonoma regions 2 and 4 regions and districts regions of regions of abdomen regions of interest regions of the country regions paying protection money register allocation register allocators register as a sex offender register barrel register black voters register combiners register complex register dump register file register files register forwarding register key register languages register machine register machines register of buildings at risk register of copyrights register of deeds register of land register of wills register office register pressure register renaming register rotation register set register signaling register signalling register to vote register tone register transfer register transfer language register transfer level register transfer level register transfer logic register width register window register windows register-indirect jumps register-transfer level register-transfer-level implementation registered agent registered agents registered bank registered banks registered charitable trust registered charities registered charity registered civil partner registered civil partners registered cohabitation registered design registered design rights registered designs registered dietitians registered domestic partner registered engineer registered gross vehicle weight registered holder registered instruments registered investment advisor registered jack registered jacks registered land registered letters registered mail registered mark registered medical practitioner registered medical practitioners registered memory registered name registered names registered nurse registered nurses registered office registered owner registered partner registered partnership registered partnerships registered ports registered psychiatric nurse registered representative registered representatives registered retirement savings plans registered securities registered sex offender registered sex offender list registered shares registered social landlord registered student organization registered to vote registered trade mark registered trademark registered trademarks registered training organisation registered user registered voter registered voters registering clerk registering to vote registral difference registral displacement registral space registrar in public health registration areas registration authorities registration authority registration black registration counties registration county registration district registration districts registration examination registration flag registration hole registration key registration labels registration number registration of all firearms registration of births, deaths and marriages registration of vehicles registration peptides registration pin registration pins registration plate registration plates registration protocol registration stamps registration statement registration taxes registrerat partnerskap registreret partnerskab registrert partnerskap registry cleaners registry hives registry key registry keys registry of deeds registry of pedigreed cats registry office registry offices registry settings registry stamp registry visualization tools regium donum regius professor regius professor of divinity regius professor of modern history regius professorship região autónoma regnal name regnal names regnal number regnal numbering regnal numbers regnal title regnal year regnat populus regnator omnium deus regrading project regrading projects regress argument regress argument in epistemology regress to the mean regress toward the mean regress towards the mean regressed to mean regression ad infinitum regression analyses regression analysis regression coefficients regression fallacy regression formulae regression hypnosis regression line regression lines regression method regression model regression modeling of binary response variables regression modelling regression models regression task regression test regression testing regression tests regression to the mean regression toward the mean regression towards mediocrity regression towards the mean regression trees regressive autism regressive evolution regressive fallacy regressive tax regressive taxation regressor variable regressus ad infinitum regret counselling regrow the bone marrow regula falsi regular 17-gon regular 8-polytopes regular 9-polytopes regular abbots regular action regular adjustments to tax thresholds regular admissions regular airplay regular album regular amity regular and irregular primes regular and territorial infantry regular apeirotopes regular armies regular army regular bodies regular cameo appearances regular canon regular canons regular cardinal regular cardinal number regular cardinals regular cast regular charter services regular chicken regular clergy regular commission regular compound regular compounds regular configurations regular continued fraction regular continued fraction expansion regular continued fraction in canonical form regular continued fractions regular continued fractions in canonical form regular continuity regular convex 4-polytope regular convex 4-polytopes regular convex polychora regular convex polychoron regular convex polyhedra regular convex polytopes in 4 dimensions regular covering space regular crew regular customer regular cycle regular decagon regular decision regular deck of 52 cards regular decomposition regular derivation using roots and affixes regular differential equations regular distribution regular dodecahedron regular expression regular expression equivalence with not regular expression matching regular expressions regular extension regular face regular factor regular feature regular foliation regular forces regular function regular functions regular grammar regular grammars regular graph regular graphs regular grid regular grids regular hexagon regular holiday regular homotopic regular homotopy regular honeycomb regular honeycombs regular hyperbolic honeycomb regular icosahedron regular isotopy regular issue regular issue coinage regular issue coins regular javelin throw regular language regular languages regular leaf regular lipstick regular local ring regular local rings regular map regular maps regular matroid regular matroids regular measure regular meeting regular meetings regular metrics regular military rations regular monomorphism regular morphism regular n-gons regular neighborhood regular network regular number regular numbers regular occupants regular octagon regular octahedron regular open regular open algebra regular open sets regular open subsets regular parametric representation regular part regular patron regular pattern regular pattern of triangles regular pay regular pentagon regular performers regular perturbation regular phonological correspondences regular police regular polychora regular polychoron regular polychorons regular polygon regular polygonal regular polygons regular polyhedra regular polyhedral regular polyhedron regular polyhedrons regular polytope regular polytopes regular prelate regular priests regular prime regular prime numbers regular primes regular representation regular roster regular route 15 regular route 9 regular scheduled services regular script regular season regular season champion regular season championship regular season conference champion regular season game telecast regular season play regular season play-off game regular season record regular seasons regular semigroup regular sequence regular sequence regular sequences regular series regular series of infantry-type divisions regular service regular services regular sessions regular simplices regular singular point regular singular points regular singularities regular singularity regular solids regular solution regular space regular spaces regular spirals regular stance regular star polychora regular star polyhedra regular style regular summation method regular surface regular team regular telephone lines regular temperament regular temperaments regular tessellation regular tessellations regular tessellations in 2D regular tetrahedron regular tiling regular tilings regular topological space regular triangle regular triangular tiling regular triangulations regular units regular value regular value theorem regular verb regular verb conjugations regular verbs regular weather forecasts for shipping regular-season game regular-season title regularity conditions regularity rallies regularity rally regularity rallying regularity test regularity theory of causation machine learning regularization procedures regularizations of illegal aliens regularized incomplete beta function regularly scheduled television service regulate commerce regulate gene expression regulate marriage regulate pH regulate the value thereof regulate traffic regulated businesses regulated company regulated down regulated functions regulated fund regulated gene expression regulated industries regulated integral regulated intramembrane proteolysis regulated market regulated markets regulated monopolies regulated monopoly regulated power supplies regulated prostitution regulated secretion regulated the press regulated verse regulating emotions regulating factor regulating factors regulation and controls regulation drill regulation game regulation hair cut regulation mechanism regulation of actin cytoskeleton regulation of autophagy regulation of biological functions regulation of casinos regulation of gene expression regulation of handguns regulation of science regulation of video games regulation school regulation services regulation theory regulation through litigation regulation time regulations and restrictions regulations and standards regulations concerning ejaculation regulative principle of worship regulative proteins regulator clock regulator gene regulator genes regulator movement regulator valve regulators or law enforcement regulatory agencies regulatory agency regulatory approval regulatory arbitrage regulatory authorities regulatory authority regulatory binding site regulatory bodies regulatory body regulatory burden regulatory capital regulatory capture regulatory compliance regulatory economics regulatory element regulatory elements regulatory function regulatory genes regulatory induction regulatory issues regulatory law regulatory lipids regulatory medicine regulatory networks regulatory offences regulatory offense regulatory offenses regulatory policies regulatory policy regulatory practices regulatory program regulatory protein regulatory proteins regulatory reform regulatory region regulatory regions regulatory requirement regulatory requirements regulatory rules regulatory scheme regulatory sequence regulatory sequences regulatory sign regulatory signs regulatory site regulatory state regulatory subunit regulatory system regulatory systems regulatory taking regulatory takings rehab center rehab centre rehab clinic rehab clinics rehabilitation center rehabilitation centre rehabilitation clinic rehabilitation engineering rehabilitation engineering research centers rehabilitation engineers rehabilitation facility rehabilitation hospital rehabilitation medicine rehabilitation of the blind rehabilitation program rehabilitation robotics rehabilitation science rehabilitation services rehabilitation specialist rehabilitation technology rehabilitation therapy rehabilitative therapy rehearsal demo rehearsal dinner rehearsal letter rehearsal letters rehearsal numbers rehearsal period rehearsal room reheat furnace rei harakami rei publicae reification fallacy reign era reign name reign names reign of terror reign of the judges reign over korea reign period reign title reigning emperor reigning family reigning monarch reigning prince reigning princely families reigning queen reigning world champion reigning world champions reignited international controversy reimagined remake rein aid rein aids rein back rein signals rein-rain merger reincarnate lama reincarnation cycle reincarnation research reincorporated as a borough reindeer antler reindeer breeding reindeer herder reindeer herders reindeer herding reindeer husbandry reindeer lichen reindeer moss reindeer racing reinforce the concrete reinforced carbon-carbon reinforced concrete reinforced concrete boxes reinforced concrete launch facilities