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These are copies of the pages at User: Connel MacKenzie/English nouns with spaces (or formerly there) but with hyphens instead, generated easily using ed.

{{subst:new en adj attr bot|2='''{{subst:PAGENAME}}'''

See also User:Msh210/hyphenate.js

Connel MacKenzie's page had the following info, which I'm copying here so he can delete it:

w # r z s x=0 f  s x=$o(^wiki2(x)),n=^(x,"name") i n[" ",n'[":",n'["/",n'["-",n'["'",n?1.l1" ".l." ".l,'$d(^wikix($tr(n," ","-"))),'$d(^wikir($tr(n," ","-"))) s t=^wiki2(x,"text") i t["==English==",t["===Noun===" w:($x+$l(n)>75) ! s z=z+1 w "",n," " i '(z#5000) w # r zz