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These pages are the result of an analysis of English Wiktionary and English Wikipedia dumps (as of, I think, our June 2008 dump and WP's July 2008 dump), performed by w:user:R'n'B, whom I thank, that searched for WP page titles Foo meeting the following criteria:

  • Foo has a space in it.
  • We don't have the entry foo.
  • If the page w:Foo is a redirect to w:Bar then the page w:Bar has the word foo in it in lowercase.
  • If the page w:Foo is not a redirect, then it has the word foo in it in lowercase.
  • Foo has no open soft parenthesis in it.
  • Foo does not have three Arabic numerals in a row in it.

I should have perhaps, in retrospect (looking at the results, I mean), also added the following criteria:

  • Foo does not start with The, a space, and a capital letter.
  • Foo does not start with List of and a space.
  • Foo does not contain of the or in the.

In any event, this is a list of potential page titles for us; of course, many of them will not be good. but I hope that enough will to make scouring the list worthwhile.