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Yes, that's right, ez dakit euskararik, and I'm editing entries on Basque words. I'm trying to learn. And, as I go along and learn new words or new things about usage, and it's not in Wiktionary, I'm adding stuff. I'm trying to be really careful and make sure I understand usage examples before I add them, so I'm sure they're correct. I'm not making up examples because I'm not comfortable doing that. They all come from the web somewhere. Obviously, my usage examples are going to really elementary.

If I mess something up, feel free to yell at me on my talk page. And please do!

One thing thing I hope to do is create more entries for derived forms, especially if they're irregular or if they're used in non-obvious way, because these are really confusing for learners like me. I also hope add custom declension tables for words that need them.

Basque resources[edit]

A Brief Grammar of Basque, Itziar Laka, 1996 EHU

Etymological Dictionary of Basque (EDB), Larry Trask, Sussex U.

Diccionario etimológico vasco Manuel Agud, Antonio Tovar, EHU (Note: Lakarra considers this source unreliable.)

Euskaltzaindiaren Hiztegia

Elhuyar hiztegia