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See w:User:Nohat.

Nohat's Wiktionary manifesto[edit]

I don't have a great deal of faith in this project. Whereas there are a large number of people who are qualified to write encyclopedia articles, I don't believe the art and science of lexicography is quite as amenable to the mass wiki process as encyclopedia writing is. Evidence for this can be found by the slow growth of this project compared to Wikipedia. Other than the work of a handful of tireless contributors, for the most part Wiktionary is the dumping ground of unwanted Wikipedia content. Perhaps this project will succeed—I hope it does because the goals are laudable—but at the moment I don't see much promise.

I find the drudgery of defining words to be far less exciting than writing an encyclopedia. I expect my main activities here will be to ensure that prescriptivists don't get away with espousing their views as the only "correct" English. The Neutral Point of View applies here, too, but there are lots of people who don't even realize that their notions of what is "correct" English are not shared by all. It's critical that any assertions of correctness are attributed to those who are making the assertion.