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Old Procedure[edit]

Conjugate deleo.

  1. Check deleo 's table (for correctness of entries).
  2. Copy deleo 's conjugation template:
  3. Open User:QuasiBot/0 's edit window.
  4. Highlight (or delete) everything that comes right after
  5. Paste (right after |conj=).
  6. Remove the {{ just pasted.
  7. If necessary, "explicitate" (add parameters 11, 22, or 33 if they are missing: they would just be copies of parameters 1, 2, and 3, respectively (for verbs with no third parameter, let it be "NONE")). (Note: it is no longer ever necessary to "explicitate," so this step might be removed in a not too distant future...)
  8. Click on "Save page."
  9. Seven links show up: click on them in order.
  10. Look at deleo 's conjugation table again, this time for any blue links. Note down any blue links in a text file.
    deles dele delere delete deletus
  11. Go to User:QuasiBot/DISTRIB, which should be a big green checkmark image (Image:Crystal Clear action apply.png) on top.
  12. Click on a URL link which has a red-linked Latin word on top of it.
  13. Lupin autoedit creates and automatically saves a new article for that word, but in the event that it fails to save automatically, I click on the Save button.
  14. Briefly look over the article: see that macrons on the inflection line "look" correct, and that definition sounds correct. (If I see this or this then I know that I have to merge the two (or more) Latin articles, then (if blue links are not updating properly) click on the asterisk tab at the top of the DISTRIB page.)
  15. Click twice on the back button. Avoid clicking only once: this would cause Lupin autoedit to start churning again, and can lead to strange bloopers, like ending up with a huge page, full of repeated code. However, should this happen, it is not hard to fix. (WT:PREFS should be set to having new pages being automatically added to QuasiBot's watchlist.)
    1. Now obsolete. Click on the homepage button. Opera's homepage should be set to . That solves the refreshing problem once and for all. Also, the Blooper Explosion problem is solved by using User:QuasiBot/auto and User:QuasiBot/part/auto (if it has not already been solved by having solved the refreshing problem [not entirely: sometimes I click on the CREATE link by accident instead of the blue link just above it: then a blooper happens, but it is no longer explosive (adding about 10 bytes of empty space and only between lines), and it is easy to revert]).
    2. For the participles: have a bookmark on Opera's Personal Bar with this link: . Click on it to move on to the next participle form.
  16. Go to 13, but if I notice any URL link with a blue-linked word on top, check that word to see that it is in the text file's list (it should be, otherwise note that word down). If the list is finished, carry on (to 18).
  17. Going down the list of words in the text file, pick the next one. If there is no next one, go to 28.
  18. Back in User:QuasiBot/DISTRIB, type Command-F, then type that word followed by a question mark.
  19. Hopefully there is only "1 match". The word with the question mark is highlighted in a URL link: copy the black piece of code immediately under it. (Command-C). (If there is more than one match, then the different instances of code will have to be cycled through, copied, merged into the article. This is unlikely though.)
  20. Click on that URL link.
  21. In the edit window, if there are other languages but no Latin, then type four dashes to make space for the Latin article, then press Enter twice: paste the Latin code there. If Latin is already there, go to 26.
  22. In the Edit summary, type "+la", click on "This is a minor edit," then click on "Save page."
  23. Look over the result, then click on the back button twice.
  24. Go to 18.
  25. Paste the code under the pre-existing Latin article.
  26. Compare old and new: if the old contains all the information in the new, then click on the back button once, and go to 18. Otherwise merge the two pieces of code removing redundancies. (Type edit summary, click on minor check box, Save page.) Then go to 18.
  27. When all is done, the next phase is participle forms.
  28. Notice the second big green checkmark (around the middle of the page) and scroll down below it: note down any blue-linked Latin words (participle forms).
    delende deletum deleto delete deletis
    However, if the DISTRIB page hasn't been updating new blue links correctly, then click on the asterisk tab (one of QuasiBot's gadgets set in "my preferences") before noting down blue-linked participle forms.
  29. The procedure is exactly analogous to that for the first checkmark (verb forms), so there is no need to repeat it here.
  30. Check QuasiBot's watchlist.

Note: QuasiBot does not add gloss definitions of Participle lemmas: this should be done by a non-bot editor. (Non-gloss definitions are already present implicitly in the Etymology sections.)