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Based in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Working in computing (for past twenty years already), currently as an internal Software Development Process Engineer for a local major financial institution.

Interested in all kinds of Information Technology and Electronic Communication, and a student of human communication, literature and history (especially interested in all forms of Extropy - leaving our knowledge behind us for future generations, and the transformation of that information by those generations).

Found Wiktionary and Wikipedia (and had my first interesting experience of 'Wiki') recently as part of some research I was doing into an old idea of a 'conceptionary'.

Not in competition for the 'first one to have the idea' as I firmly believe in 'accidental telepathy', 'redundant/disassociated memories' and a famous phrase 'I have never had an original thought' ... and I would also like to thank Stephen King for his underrated quotation "Don't believe what you read, and never write what you believe."

However, that being said, three years ago I started forming an idea for a distributed database structure for a global, multilingual database of concepts that would permit ideas and beliefs from all over the world to be catalogued, shared and presented using the Internet and MultiMedia.

The idea came with a word to describe it, that concatenated the basic unit of information, a 'concept', with a common information structure for human communications, a 'dictionary'.

Research at that time showed nobody else (on the Internet search engines) using the word 'Conceptionary', so I shelved my notes until I could make time to study the idea further. To my amazement, and to the disbelief of many others who hold 'Conceptionary' as their own epiphany I am sure, Google now registers 49 entries for Conceptionary, with one from an organisation that claims the word as a trademark!

Hence, in the true sense of 'publish or die', I have started presenting my notes here for the comments and amusement of You, my peers and dears, in the hopes that someone will consider the idea is more developed (or has more scope) than many (competing?) Conceptionaries, and perhaps suggest a well organised project with global (universal?) academic support. Also, in the (admittedly ignorant) hope that nobody will be able copyright this potentially new I.T. buzzword, ripping it away from this open forum of free-thinkers. Comments on the copyright of new words would be appreciated.

As a mark of my honest respect for those other brave souls who are attempting to define this new information structure, the "conceptionary", I supply links to those I found of most interest:

And this link as a far-from-unique example of the confusion in the use of the word 'conceptionary', (not found in any dictionary), with the word 'conceptual':

This brings my introduction to its conclusion, except to say that I look forward to working with anyone who has an interest in this subject, especially those who may already comprehend the scope for 'the holy grail' of human communication - a single communication medium and shared education system for all the peoples of our planet, (and one that does not require that everyone speak English in favour of their own cultural tongue!)

Tomorrow's Solutions are (found in) Old Knowledge.
Babylon Undone.
Tolkien forever.

and ...

For Sara, born April 30 2003,
   who, without words, has taught me how fast concepts can change.