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Possible project, reading some Italian newspapers for new and missing words.

Some random notes:

The s/w (as of today, 5.1.9) will not re-list words listed in the last 10 days. Many are from features that are updated weekly, or stories that simply stay on the section page for a few days. To make this work, it is important not to delete from the lists, just use strikethrough:

; <s>[[word]]</s> : ...

that way the word will still be seen as listed. The stops list can be used for things that just keep showing up over a longer period.

English words from la Repubblica are suppressed for now, there were a lot of them; and there are plenty of Italian words to find.

Latin from L'Osservatore is suppressed when possible. The check is to see if the shortest non-Italian (i.e. not in wikt) word in each sentence is Latin, if so skip the sentence. (This sounds complicated, but is one line of code.) This doesn't work when the Latin word is missing, e.g. suam.

6.1.9: I've dropped L'Osservatore because it has French, German, and Polish in today's (5/6) issue. This is not possible to filter out (unless we had general coverage of Polish etc). So removed.

6.1.9: Added Corriere della Sera