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Owner/runner: Robert Ullmann

This account is (intended to) have both a sysop flag and a bot flag, to permit automating tasks that we do not want to show up in (flood) Special:Recentchanges, but require sysop rights. Present (only) case is deleting the redirects left from the "conversion script" that was run in June 2005.

I am responsible for all of the operations of this account/bot, unless or until it demonstrates sentience.

Deleting CS redirects[edit]

Reads XML dump, for each entry with last edit by User:Conversion script:

  • checks it is a redirect
  • checks it is to the lc form (first letter decapitalized)
  • reads current entry, checks if it is the same
  • reads what-links-here, for each link
    • fix if in set of pages that can be fixed (Transwiki: etc)
    • ignore if in set that should be ignored (Gutenberg frequencies, the bot's own logs)
    • note others that cannot be resolved
  • if any links fixed, retrieve what-links-here again and repeat
  • write exception report if any links ignored or unresolvable
  • delete entry if no unresolvable links

A later phase will look for redirects from pages being moved back to uc, and for similar links not related to the Conversion script.