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Hi, first of all friends call me Bina, so please do so :-)

For who doesn't know me some notes:

Today I am the CCO of Vox Humanitatis. We care about less resourced cultures and do promote open source and open content in the related langauges whenever possible. In the past I was fairly active within the Wikimedia Foundation until work for Vox Humanitatis became so much that I could not really follow anymore. Today, maybe one of my wishes from the past are about to become reality and this could take me back to mainly Wiktionary. Not so much editing myself, but creating projects and ask new potential editors to take part in these. The following information about unique identifiers for meanings brings me back: Grease pit: Stable identifiers for meanings - I also left a short note there and really hope, this is going to happen.

What did I do within the Wikimedia foundation? Well some bits and pieces here and some there. Among other projects I built up the Italian and Sicilian Wiktionary with some other editors until they were able to go ahead on their own, served as chair of the Language Committee. Yes, I was one of those who decided with the rest of LangCom about new Wikimedia projects to come - I had loads of fun working with people in various projects and was a bit sad when time simply didn't allow me to go ahead. But now, considering the discussion above, I believe things always have a sense :-)

So now if you read this, you came to this page because something about me made you curious - and at this stage I would like to ask you to support Grease pit: Stable identifiers for meanings.

Thanks for your time.

If you wish to contact me: please use the e-mail contact form or find me on IRC mainly in #kde-edu, #ambaradan