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Break's Over[edit]

In my hiatus I diligently researched the thesauri on the web. There are far more than you would expect! Below you will find a list of the less objectionable ones (I left out porn and other special interest ones)

Time and time again I came up against a wall. There was no way to actually find the synonym you were looking for if your idea of similar words was any wider than the person who put the page together. In other words, you had to know the word to find the word seven times out of ten. The most useful site I found in those lines was [Onelook's reverse dictionary].


[Onelook's reverse dictionary]
[All Words]
[English/French collaboration]
[Google Books]
[Look Way Up]
[Poetry] (rhymes, synonyms, definitions, etc)

Wikisaurus Table of Contents[edit]

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