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Eils! I'm Shikku27316, but you can call me Viridzen. I'm happy to be on Wiktionary, I hopw I can be useful for the website. I love languages and words; in fact, I used to feel that words were living creatures that could eat and breathe and speak like humans—I still feel this way—and that may water the roots of my interest in languages. It's like getting to know new people whenever you learn a new word, and discovering a whole new culture when you learn a new language. This is why I hate language death. But, it can also be like meeting new people in that it's hard for me to learn the vocabulary of other languages, just like my problems with meeting new people.
I am interested in old languages and Germanic languages, so I will be mostly around those areas. I currently study Old English, and afterwards, I may either do Gothic or Cornish. I also have an ambition to reconstruct the language of the ancient Vandals. Language death is bad, and languages not at all having attestation is even worse. Perhaps, I can dig them up and give them new life. But, I'm not sure that my efforts will be suitable for Wiktionary. We shall see. I'm obsessed with grammar, too, if that's at all relevant. I resolve to use subjunctive formes of words should they be needed, and I correct people who mistake this. I also use British English and British spelling, although it's not my native dialect. It's as close to English as modernly possible, after the Normans came and destroyed the language from its pure, wondrous Germanic forme to this homeless, self-loathing, blood-denying creole. All languages are wonderful, but they should be pure.

My languages:
Native: Modern Anglo-Norman
Basic knowledge: Yiddish (יידיש)
Learning: Alt text
Dabbling: Alt text; Alt text
Maybe someday: Alt text; Alt text; Alt text; Alt text
Reconstructing: Alt text