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Shorakk is a 5th grade student (according to the American education system). He is currently living in Singapore.

Shorakk is a "newcomer" to Wikipedia and still uses the Wikipedia editing cheatsheet.

He looks up to Wikipedia user Favonian, because this user has been persistent in fighting vandalism.

Criminal records on Wikipedia[edit]

Page vandalism[edit]

Shorakk has vandalised 3 Wikipedia pages and was revealed by Wikipedia user Favonian.


"Dear Favonian,

I am very sorry for vandalising those pages. I you're seeing this, please forgive me and let me continue being a Wikipedia user. I promise not to vandalise anymore pages. If I could, I would help watch some pages and make sure they will not get vandalised.




I do not want to write about my first day on Wiki because... You know, it was bad.


26 November[edit]

Dear Wikidiary,


Yesterday, I just created a page for "beaverlike" on Wiktionary. So cool! It's my first self-created page.

But after a few minutes this weirdo called Mglovesfun sent me a message that informed me I spelt "occuring" wrongly. What? I did'nt write anything with "occurring" in it. Weirdo...

So I went to his User Page and to my horror (not really), he had bipolar disorder. What, did that cause him to report me about something I did not do?! NO! What is his problem?

Mglovesfun, if you're seeing this, I want you stop reporting others about what they did not do!