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Hi, my name is Nathan Fisher and I have been editing on Wiktionary for 6 months now. I have edited on Wikipedia for 2 or 3 years and enjoy helping out. I would like to help out here on Wiktionary, but want to do so amicably.Speednat (talk) 02:21, 21 May 2012 (UTC)

As I work through the entries, I am realizing that there is more and more that I see that I wish to accomplish or that needs accomplishing. Initially, I was going to work only on definitions, but since have realized that the pronunciation sections could use a lot of loving care, and with the sources that I have, I am able to accurately work on both the RP or UK pronunciation and the GA or US version. I initially started with just IPA, then dabbled a bit with Samba, but decided to stick with IPA as it seems to be the most prevalent and easiest to work with. Next I realized that the etymological information also could use some tender loving care and have also worked on that with the preceding sources as well as the Chamber's Dictionary of Etymology, which I do not own. I try to consolidate what information I come across through all of my sources and sometimes online sources as well. With the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, I have also realized the ease to add dates of attestation, both for the origination of the word or sense, and also if needed for the end of use of obsolete words. I have also just discovered the ease at which the rhymes section can be expanded, so I will be working on those from the point that I am at (abusion), and on.

I am a firm believer in citing my sources and some may say I over-cite, but I would rather be accused of that then not citing enough.

Templates that I find useful and use on a regular basis are the following

  • {{defdate}}: for dates of attestation.
  • {{borrowing}} & {{borrowed}} for etymological information, when a word is a borrowed word from another language.
  • {{quote-book}} for when I add quotes for definitions.
  • {{taxon}} & {{taxlink}} for taxonomic information.

As always, I appreciate constructive criticism and pointers as I, like Wiktionary, am far from a finished product.

Speednat (talk) 21:43, 2 January 2013 (UTC)