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My name is Thorskegga Thorn and I am from Buckinghamshire in England.

My interests are folklore and modern paganism (in particular the tradition inspired by ancient Anglo-Saxon and Norse beliefs which is called Heathenry ).

One of my hobbies is to research the vocabulary used in modern paganism and submit my findings to dictionaries such as the Oxford English Dictionary and Wiktionary. So far I have submitted 300 words to the OED for Heathenry alone and assisted with a submission of 100 words for Witchcraft/Wicca. I will gradually add the same entries into Wiktionary

All the major modern pagan faiths have their own vocabulary but Heathenry's is particularly rich. We prefer to use Germanic root words rather than the Latin which has led us to recycle a number of archaic English terms and most of these are now in common usage. For example a Heathen sanctuary is a frithstead or frithgarth, an outdoor shrine is a harrow or stall (Norse loan word), a library is a bookhoard, and healing is leechcraft.

I am also considering expanding my search into English fairy names.

I have a very dusty website 'Thorshof' at [1]

--Thorskegga 11:40, 18 February 2008 (UTC)