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[...] in the old days — you know, the good old days when I was a boy — people didn't — we didn't — bother in England about nationalism. We [...] didn't go around saying how marvelous we were — everybody knew that — any more than we bothered to put our names on our stamps. I mean, there's only two kinds of stamps: English stamps, in sets, at the beginning of the album; and foreign stamps, all mixed at the other end. Any gibbon could tell you that.

Michael Flanders, introduction to "A Song of Patriotic Prejudice", At the Drop of Another Hat

Wiktionary is not a stamp collection. That this is the English Wiktionary does not mean that it only addresses the English language. It means that it addresses "all words of all languages", with articles written in English. There is a temptation to introduce systemic bias into Wiktionary, resulting in it looking like M. Flanders' stamp collection. It must be resisted. Remember that Wiktionary is bound by the Neutral point of view.

Don't organize Wiktionary as if English were the only language that it addresses. Don't presume that readers are here to only read about words and phrases in the English language. Don't introduce systemic bias. Don't create apparently general-purpose categories and templates that only actually work for the English language alone. Don't presume that editors don't want to make use of categories and templates in articles about words and phrases in languages other than English.

Don't presume that other languages apart from English don't have parts of speech, archaisms, slang, idioms, colloquialisms, words about flowers, words about dogs, regionalisms, and so forth.

For example: Wiktionary is a dictionary idioms of all languages. However, mixing them all together in Category:Idioms, and writing templates that automatically do this, is a terrible idea. Separating the non-English idioms from the English idioms is an equally bad idea, and results in Wiktionary being organized like M. Flanders' stamp collection, with every language other than English being relegated to the back of the stamp album. Instead, as Wiktionary:Categorization explains, use individual sub-categories for each individual language in a uniform manner across all languages, English included, just as (for example) Category:Proper nouns has sub-categories of Category:English proper nouns, Category:Swedish proper nouns, and so forth.