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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-01 issue of Notices of the American Mathematical Society.

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  • Based on PDF-extracted text; beware of errors in word separation

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  1. biadjoint
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[1], volume 56, number 1:
      Barbara Csima, University of Waterloo (1046-03-105) AMS Special Session on New Connections Between Topology, Combinatorics, and Physics, I 9:00 AM . 10:45 AM Organizers: Paul Fendley, University of Virginia Slava Krushkal, University of Virginia 9:00AM (1650) Diagrammatics of biadjoint functors and beyond.
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  2. bipermutative
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[2], volume 56, number 1:
      Niles Johnson, University of Chicago (1046-18-1466) 2:00PM (1224) Permutative and bipermutative categories revisited.
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  3. choreutics
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[3], volume 56, number 1:
      Stephen H. Harnish, Bluffton University (1046-Q1-2009) 3:15PM (401) Laban’s choreutics and polyhedra.
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  4. drawups
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[4], volume 56, number 1:
      Erhan Bayraktar and Hao Xing*, University of Michigan (1046-60-1287) 2:00PM (1789) Formulas for stopped diffusion processes with stopping times based on drawdowns and drawups.
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  5. farkled
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[5], volume 56, number 1:
      Charles Andrew Tannouri, Johns Hopkins University (1046-L1-2049) 11:40AM � (713) Elementary Farkle strategy: Have you farkled lately?
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  6. hypercorrelation
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[6], volume 56, number 1:
      Mariana Olvera-Cravioto*, Columbia University, and Peter W. Glynn, Stanford University (1046-60-587) 9:10AM � (54) Emergence of heavy-tailed behavior and the failure of the central limit theorem due to hypercorrelation.
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  7. hyperion
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[7], volume 56, number 1:
      Basilio Messano, University of Napoli (1046-37-711) 10:30AM (1519) On the longitudinal librations of hyperion.
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  8. mathlets
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[8], volume 56, number 1:
      Paul Seeburger, Monroe Community College (1046-O1-913) 9:20AM � (1101) Java mathlets with Blaise.
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  9. preprojective
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[9], volume 56, number 1:
      The topics under discussion include diagram algebras, Brauer algebras, cellular algebras, quasi-hereditary algebras, Hall algebras, Hecke algebras, symplectic reflection algebras, Cherednik algebras, Kashiwara crystals, Fock spaces, preprojective algebras, cluster algebras, rank varieties, varieties of algebras and modules, moduli of representations of quivers, semi-invariants of quivers, Cohen.
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  10. pseudodifferential
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[10], volume 56, number 1:
      The algebras in question come from problems in various areas of mathematics and mathematical physics; typical examples include algebras of pseudodifferential operators, group algebras, and other algebras arising from quantum field theory.
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  11. quasifinite
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[11], volume 56, number 1:
      Contents: H. H. Andersen, Sum formulas and Ext-groups; S. Doty, Schur-Weyl duality in positive characteristic; A. Francis and W. Wang, The centers of Iwahori-Hecke algebras are filtered; University of Georgia Vigre Algebra Group, On Kostant’s theorem for Lie algebra cohomology; X. He, G-stable pieces and partial flag varieties; L. Ji, Steinberg representations and duality properties of arithmetic groups, mapping class groups, and outer automorphism groups of free groups; S. Kumar, G. Lusztig, and D. Prasad, Characters of simplylaced nonconnected groups versus characters of nonsimplylaced connected groups; G. Liu, Classification of finite-dimensional basic Hopf algebras according to their representation type; G. Lusztig, Twelve bridges from a reductive group to its Langlands dual; B. J. Parshall and January 2009 Notices of the AMS 75 New Publications Offered by the AMS L. L. Scott, Some new highest weight categories; I. Pop and A. Stolin, Classification of quasi-trigonometric solutions of the classical Yang-Baxter equation; C. M. Ringel, The relevance and the ubiquity of Prufer modules; A. Savage, Quivers and the Euclidean group; S. Shang and Y. Gao, eu2-Lie admissible algebras and Steinberg unitary Lie algebras; T. Shoji, Lusztig’s conjecture for finite classical groups with even characteristic; Y. Su, A survey on quasifinite representations of Weyl type Lie algebras; N. Xi, Maximal and primitive elements in baby Verma modules for type B2; Y.-F. Yao and B. Shu, Irreducible representations of the special algebras in prime characteristic.
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  12. quasilinearization
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[12], volume 56, number 1:
      Gangaram S. Ladde, University of South Florida (1046-93-1307) 4:15PM (274) Generalized quasilinearization for differential equations with causal operators.
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  13. redistricter
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[13], volume 56, number 1:
      Michael P. McDonald, George Mason University (1046-91-1498) 3:00PM (1802) Lessons from a court-appointed nonpartisan redistricter.
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  14. subanalytic
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[14], volume 56, number 1:
      Jerry R. Muir Jr., University of Scranton (1046-32-901) 11:15AM (594) Sums of products of real globally subanalytic functions and their logarithms are stable under integration.
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  15. subequivalence
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[15], volume 56, number 1:
      Elaine T. Spiller, Marquette University (1046-86-1659) AMS Special Session on Von Neumann Algebras, I 8:00 AM . 10:45 AM Organizers: Pinhas Grossman, Vanderbilt University Remus Nicoara, University of Tennessee 8:00AM (57) Ergodic subequivalence relations induced by a Bernoulli action.
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  16. supercavitating
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[16], volume 56, number 1:
      Kathleen M. Iwancio, North Carolina State University (1046-14-232) 10:30AM (1671) Reconstructing free surfaces for a flow of ideal fluid around supercavitating wedges.
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  17. supercongruence
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[17], volume 56, number 1:
      Riad Masri* and Amanda Folsom, University of Wisconsin-Madison (1046-11-804) 10:00AM (1019) A p-adic supercongruence conjecture of Van Hamme.
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  18. superparameterization
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[18], volume 56, number 1:
      Daniel B. Szyld, Temple University (1046-65-767) 9:30AM (488) New efficient sparse space-time algorithms for superparameterization on mesoscales.
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  19. syntomic
    • 2009, Notices of the American Mathematical Society[19], volume 56, number 1:
      Kato isomorphism; The .';N;G.-structure on de Rham cohomology; A variant construction of the .';N;G.- structure; Comparison with syntomic cohomology; Comparison with log geometry in the sense of Fontaine and Illusie; Bibliography; Index of notation; Index of terminology.
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