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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-01-23 issue of the Toronto Star.

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  1. benzoylecgonine
    • 2009 January 23, Peter Small, “Cocaine level in boy's system 'extraordinarily high,' MD says”[1], Toronto Star:
      Koren testified that levels of benzoylecgonine, produced when the body metabolizes cocaine, were also very high in the boy, at 4. 43 nanograms per 100 milligrams.
  2. dumpdiggers
    • 2009 January 23, Nancy J. White, “Dumps are a window into history”[2], Toronto Star:
      Campbell and the others call themselves "dumpdiggers," shovelling for signs of the past – pottery, bottles, buttons, cutlery, moustache cups – wherever people once tossed garbage.
  3. farklempt
    • 2009 January 23, Antonia Zerbisias, “Tricks up her sleeveless gown”[3], Toronto Star:
      Oh like you, I got all farklempt when I watched her in that dazzling one-shouldered gown dancing cheek-to-cheek with President Obama.
  4. hitless
    • 2009 January 23, Dave Perkins, “It could be good that T.O. teams are so bad”[4], Toronto Star:
      The good news for the Raps is that it's a shorter road back in the NBA and Bryan Colangelo still is a smart guy, even though he's now on an extended hitless steak.
  5. interprovincial
    • 2009 January 23, “CGAs support interprovincial labour mobility”[5], Toronto Star:
      The 19,000 members and 9,000 students of the Certified General Accountants of Ontario fully support the First Ministers in their renewed commitment to full interprovincial labour mobility.
  6. nannygate
    • 2009 January 23, Michael Gormley, “Caroline Kennedy's Senate bid ends in mudslinging”[6], Toronto Star:
      In a December interview, she denied she had any "nannygate" problem and said her husband, Edwin Schlossberg, was very supportive and that they lived together with their children.
  7. perimenopausal
    • 2009 January 23, Megan Ogilvie, “Hormone therapy safe for some, panel finds”[7], Toronto Star:
      " New evidence shows the potential risks of hormone therapy are age-related, Wolfman said, noting she is more likely to prescribe it to a young perimenopausal woman than an older woman who is at higher risk for cardiovascular disease.
  8. prebudget
    • 2009 January 23, Chantal Hébert, “All the pot-stirring boosts Liberals most”[8], Toronto Star:
      Some of the consequences of that reality were on evidence on the occasion of Ignatieff's prebudget visit to Montreal this week.
  9. provincially
    • 2009 January 23, Robert Benzie, “Ontario business group pushes for blended taxes”[9], Toronto Star:
      While Crispino conceded that some prices would rise because certain items are taxed federally and not provincially – including books, feminine hygiene products, heating fuels and children's clothing – he said business would be "more productive" and save about $100 million a year.
  10. schooler
    • 2009 January 23, Peter Howell, “Low-key and high promise”[10], Toronto Star:
      Outstanding newcomer Gabourey Sidibe is Precious Jones, a morbidly obese high schooler who is pregnant with her second child at age 16.
  11. slappy
    • 2009 January 23, Richard Griffin, “Dealing with A's for Cust might help Jays”[11], Toronto Star:
      True power in the middle of a slappy lineup and a more veteran DH so they don't have to use a young prospect in that role.
  12. slumdog
    • 2009 January 23, “Protesters demand Slumdog name change”[12], Toronto Star:
      "I am poor, but don't call me slumdog," said Rekha Dhamji, 18.
  13. sovereignists
    • 2009 January 23, Chantal Hébert, “All the pot-stirring boosts Liberals most”[13], Toronto Star:
      Even as Ignatieff and the FTQ were making nice in front of the media, Duceppe was across town with Parti Québécois Leader Pauline Marois celebrating the fact that sovereignists now hold half of Quebec federal and provincial seats.
  14. subtextually
    • 2009 January 23, Geoff Pevere, “In search of lost time”[14], Toronto Star:
      "I think it's always there at the back of your mind that you know subtextually what it means," he says finally, "but it's never overt.
  15. unhiddenness
    • 2009 January 23, Christopher Hume, “Architecture as argument for creating better world”[15], Toronto Star:
      "Technology teases nature into unhiddenness," says Jones, quoting German philosopher Martin Heidegger.
  16. untargeted
    • 2009 January 23, Richard J. Brennan, “Tough choices ahead, Layton says”[16], Toronto Star:
      "We share President (Barack) Obama`s commitment to `set aside childish things,' including the present government's reckless spending on lower priorities like unproductive, untargeted, across-the- board tax cuts," he says.