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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-01-27 issue of the Toronto Star.

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  1. adobo
  2. carilloneur
    • 2009 January 27, Greg Quill, “French director's runaway success”, Toronto Star:
      Many of the characters in Sticks , including the one he plays, Antoine, the love-busted postman/carilloneur, and his meddling mother, were based on members of his own family, explained Boon, who credits his second wife, Yaël Harris, with artistic inspiration for the movie.
  3. divos
    • 2009 January 27, Tess Kalinowski, “Sowing green seeds on council”, Toronto Star:
      He lists Oakville Mayor Rob Burton among the "divos" and says there are bright spots on the regional landscape, thanks to the work of that council and others, such as those of Ajax and Markham, which are also making progress.
  4. fadeout
    • 2009 January 27, “CD REVIEWS”, Toronto Star:
      The 51-year-old Harlem native excels here as producer/arranger with fadeout endings and a mystical, percussion-forward approach to "I'm Glad There Is You."
  5. fieldhouse
    • 2009 January 27, Mary Ormsby, “Tennis courts an oasis in troubled community”, Toronto Star:
      Parkas, toques and mittens were peeled off as each child entered the fieldhouse behind the Toronto stadium that showcases tennis multi-millionaires like Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal every summer.
  6. laneways
    • 2009 January 27, Michele Henry, “West-end arsonist is 'seeking a voice'”, Toronto Star:
      In 2007, a serial arsonist set 20 properties on fire in laneways near Christie Pits Park, also in the city's west end.
  7. metronomically
    • 2009 January 27, Dave Feschuk, “Parker finds a new home as point guard”, Toronto Star:
      Theretofore a metronomically consistent performer who'd never averaged less than 10 points a game over the course of a calendar month in three seasons in Toronto, suddenly he was averaging 6.9 points a game while shooting about a dismal 37 per cent from the field.
  8. netminders
    • 2009 January 27, Paul Hunter, “Apprentice plan for Pogge”, Toronto Star:
      Wilson said starting tonight against the Wild makes sense because his other two netminders have both been off the ice since last Wednesday's shootout loss to the Bruins because of the all-star break.
  9. overswept
    • 2009 January 27, Brian McAndrew, “Hanna delivers rocks after her bundle of joy”, Toronto Star:
      Kim Moore and Andra Harmark overswept Middaugh's final rock of the game as she attempted a draw to the button, giving Hastings the win.
  10. ponying
    • 2009 January 27, Dave Feschuk, “Parker finds a new home as point guard”, Toronto Star:
      A s the Raptors swooned through a disastrous December in which they won four of 16, the most loyal of Raptor fans must have considered chartering a helicopter, borrowing a GPS, ponying up for some search lights and a leash full of blood hounds.
  11. rocknrolla
    • 2009 January 27, “DVD REVIEWS”, Toronto Star:
      Ritchie's big joke is that while a gangster might be happy just getting rich, a rocknrolla "wants the f---ing lot."
  12. showpeople
    • 2009 January 27, “CD REVIEWS”, Toronto Star:
      Italian Baroque showpeople Il Giardino Armonico push every boundary of taste in this three-CD set, yet, like an overdressed party girl with juicy gossip, you can't help going back for more.
  13. subhead
    • 2009 January 27, Vinay Menon, “Toronto's more than just a motto”, Toronto Star:
      Allow me now to reprint the headline and subhead from a story in the Sunday Star : "Wanted: World-class nickname for Toronto.