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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-01-30 issue of the Toronto Star.

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  1. afterburn
  2. ancho
    • 2009 January 30, “Fire-roasted hot chili”, Toronto Star:
      Add stock, tomato sauce, beans, roasted red pepper, garlic, paprika, ancho powder, ground chipotles and habaneros, cocoa powder, salt and pepper.
  3. baster
  4. fourplex
    • 2009 January 30, “The Nabes that wouldn't die”, Toronto Star:
      Cine Starz, the renovated former Central Parkway Cinemas fourplex at 377 Burnhamthorpe Rd. E. in Mississauga.
  5. fungiphiles
    • 2009 January 30, Peter Howell, “Know Your Mushrooms: Fungus film on the button”, Toronto Star:
      He takes us to the Telluride Mushroom Festival, an annual event in Colorado where fungiphiles gather to celebrate, collect and consume mushrooms of every variety, including the particularly icky kind that grows on the side of trees.
  6. fungiphobe
  7. fungiphobia
  8. invalided
    • 2009 January 30, Susan Walker, “The Uninvited: Bags of lame suspense”, Toronto Star:
      Her dream always ends with the explosion in the boathouse where her very ill mother was invalided, with a little bell she could ring whenever she needed help.
  9. jazzbos
    • 2009 January 30, Peter Howell, “Know Your Mushrooms: Fungus film on the button”, Toronto Star:
      No obsession is too small for the Toronto filmmaker, who has previously aimed his documentary lens at such diverse interests as comic book geeks, avant-garde jazzbos, twist dancers, midnight tokers, eco-activists and wacky racers.
  10. kirpans
    • 2009 January 30, Stuart Laidlaw, “Lesbians caught in culture clash”, Toronto Star:
      Whether it's kirpans in a Montreal schoolyard, turbans on a Milton job site, polygamists in a B.C. town or lesbians in a Winnipeg doctor's waiting room, opposing cultural and religious rights are giving a rough ride to Canada's cherished multiculturalism.
  11. outwrestle
    • 2009 January 30, Dave Perkins, “Sure-handed Fitzgerald has Steelers' attention, respect”, Toronto Star:
      Boldin is more dangerous with the ball after the catch, but Fitzgerald, a serial sky-walker who comes back strongly to the ball and can outwrestle any defender for it, makes more plays.
  12. provincially
    • 2009 January 30, DANIEL DALE, “Peel-Halton ambulance problems 'alarming'”, Toronto Star:
      Peel Regional Paramedic Services director Peter Dundas called the figure for the provincially run Mississauga centre "alarming."
  13. respirologist
    • 2009 January 30, Corey Mintz, “Annual event highlights winter cycling”, Toronto Star:
      Cold air and exercise are triggers for asthma, notes Dr. Susan Tarlo, a respirologist at Toronto Western Hospital. "
  14. schlockmeisters
    • 2009 January 30, Joel Rubinoff, “Confessions of middle-aged losers”, Toronto Star:
      And here he is 14 years later, at 39, lumped in with a bunch of ab-ripped mannequins and cruise ship schlockmeisters while the pretentious irritant who played Chachi on Happy Days takes it upon himself to impart a lesson in humility.
  15. schmoozy
    • 2009 January 30, Joel Rubinoff, “Confessions of middle-aged losers”, Toronto Star:
      If I recite their names to you I can almost guarantee you'll have trouble placing these schmoozy, past-their-prime pinups in the pop culture pantheon of the '80s and '90s – guys like Jamie Walters ( Beverly Hills 90210 ), Adrian Zmed ( T.J. Hooker ), Billy Hufsey ( Fame ), Jeremy Jackson ( Baywatch ) and David Chokachi (er, Baywatch again).
  16. seatless
    • 2009 January 30, “Call the by-election”, Toronto Star:
      Three weeks ago today, Progressive Conservative MPP Laurie Scott announced that she was resigning her seat in the Ontario Legislature (Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock) to make way for her seatless party leader, John Tory.
  17. triggermen
    • 2009 January 30, Kevin McGran, “Leafs win thanks to dull Razor”, Toronto Star:
      Toskala wasn't exactly sharp at the other end but this was one of those rare nights when the Leafs' triggermen made his mistakes less significant.
  18. whatizzname