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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-02-13 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-02-13).

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  1. balsamico *
  2. draftsperson
  3. editrix
    • 2009 February 13, Linda Barnard, “Shopaholic: On the verge of bankruptcy”, Toronto Star:
      Besides the latest Gucci handbag, Rebecca is lusting after a job at a snooty fashion bible (with Kristin Scott Thomas in a cameo as the haute-Parisienne editrix).
  4. enoki
  5. gangsterism
    • 2009 February 13, Peter Rakobowchuk, “Police hit bikers, gangs”, Toronto Star:
      Charges to be laid include gangsterism, drug trafficking, weapons possession and conspiracy to commit murder.
  6. geolocators
    • 2009 February 13, Noor Javed, “There's no rest for the winged”, Toronto Star:
      Scientists used tiny geolocators mounted on the backs of purple martins and wood thrushes to track their route as they travelled from the U.S. to South and Central America.
  7. jackman
    • 2009 February 13, “Qualifiers just happy to be here”, Toronto Star:
      He's got a mismatched group of volunteers, and after loaned-out jackman Kyle Roland was injured while pitting Kirk Shelmerdine's car during the first qualifying race, Mayfield borrowed an emergency replacement from Michael Waltrip's crew.
  8. membrillo *
  9. oceanside
  10. overwatch
    • 2009 February 13, Tonda MacCharles, “RCMP tightens the rules on Tasers”, Toronto Star:
      The RCMP policy now says the Taser should only be used where there is "lethal overwatch" – in other words, where another police officer is standing by ready to shoot his gun at an individual if the Taser shock fails to subdue the suspect.
  11. recertified
    • 2009 February 13, Tonda MacCharles, “RCMP tightens the rules on Tasers”, Toronto Star:
      In other changes made by the RCMP, officers are to be recertified for Taser use every year, instead of every two years; medical help is to be called in "whenever possible" after a Taser is deployed; and officer reporting requirements have been tightened to increase accountability to the public about Taser use.
  12. repro
  13. reprogrammable
    • 2009 February 13, Rob Salem, “Fox's deadly Friday night duo”, Toronto Star:
      Rob Salem, the Star 's TV critic, has a reprogrammable memory and stainless-steel endoskeleton.
  14. shruggable
    • 2009 February 13, Peter Howell, “The International: Don't bank on this ho-hum thriller”, Toronto Star:
      The Parallax View also had obscure corporate types fomenting their own private war, but they seemed a whole lot more focused and visionary than the shruggable suits of The International .
  15. soooooooo
  16. spookmaster
  17. superhit
    • 2009 February 13, “Rahman's music for a new crowd”, Toronto Star:
      Its highlights include tracks from last year's Bollywood superhit movie Jodha Akbar and the forthcoming film Delhi-6 .
  18. worcestershire
    • 2009 February 13, Susan Sampson, “Honey mustard hash”, Toronto Star:
      Meanwhile, in medium bowl, stir together sour cream, mustard and worcestershire.