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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-02-20 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-02-20).

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  1. charcuteries *
    • 2009 February 20, Joe Fiorito, “Mayor's pitch lacks perspective”, Toronto Star:
      And why are all those waterfront condos standing upright instead of being laid on their sides, five or seven storeys tall, with patisseries, charcuteries and real cafés at street level, so that we might be able to pick up a pork chop or mail a letter on foot, instead of jumping in our cars?
  2. dhol
    • 2009 February 20, Derick Chetty, “Ports books a passage to India”, Toronto Star:
      With a live performance from a dhol and bass band setting the stage and the mood, out came the first look, on mannequin-of-the-moment, the Indian model Lakshmi.
  3. goaty
  4. hashtags
  5. nabbers
    • 2009 February 20, Peter Howell, “Stone of Destiny: This rock rolls”, Toronto Star:
      With a few pounds donated by leading Scots nationalist John MacCormick (Robert Carlyle), a borrowed car and a handful of co-conspirators that include the feisty Kay Matheson (Kate Mara) and the scrappy Bill Craig (Billy Boyd), the rock nabbers set their plan in motion.
  6. nommed
    • 2009 February 20, Peter Howell, “Why Oscar won't listen”, Toronto Star:
      Finally, Best Editing, the tiny little category that often points at the Best Picture winner: Did you notice that The Reader isn't nommed here?
  7. outrighted
    • 2009 February 20, “Blue Jay Watch”, Toronto Star:
      The Jays outrighted LHP Reid Santos and RHP Brian Burres to Triple-A Las Vegas yesterday.
  8. puckstopping
    • 2009 February 20, Damien Cox, “Valuable learning experience for young Pogge”, Toronto Star:
      He couldn't protect the lead, the OT produced his most confident puckstopping of the night and the shootout, well, he didn't win it and didn't make a save.
  9. repping
  10. retworts
  11. shmooze
    • 2009 February 20, Martin Knelman, “Oscar turns Canadian party pooper”, Toronto Star:
      Consequently, one of my favourite events – the annual poolside lunch at the residence of the Canadian consul general in L.A. feting our nominees while cameras click, wine flows and guests shmooze while basking in the sun – has been scratched from the calendar.
  12. shoulds
    • 2009 February 20, Peter Howell, “Why Oscar won't listen”, Toronto Star:
      Which brings us to our fearless annual prediction of the "wills" and the "shoulds" in the Oscar race:
  13. tartism
  14. twicks
  15. unaudited
    • 2009 February 20, Dana Flavelle, “Sears Canada slashes 300 jobs as retail sales slump”, Toronto Star:
      Citing unaudited figures, the fund said that year to date, same-store sales had declined 3.6 per cent while adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization and any impairment charges fell 16.5 per cent to $75 million.


  1. slighty - typo/scanno for slightly