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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-03-14 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-03-14).

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  1. autorotation
    • 2009 March 14, Bruce Campion-Smith, “Gearbox problem early clue to fatal chopper crash”, Toronto Star:
      In an autorotation, the pilots change the angle of the rotor blades just prior to touchdown to provide a last burst of lift to slow the descent and cushion the impact.
  2. barnboard
    • 2009 March 14, Donna Laporte, “Building for the future”, Toronto Star:
      Floors are reclaimed West Lincoln barnboard, 100-year-old ash.
  3. budset
    • 2009 March 14, Gord Stimmell, “Great value this week reflects industry's best”, Toronto Star:
      Proper bud pruning, green harvests where whole clusters are dumped on the ground to bolster final berry concentration, as well as a myriad of intensive practices between budset and harvest.
  4. cakelette
  5. closeable
    • 2009 March 14, Geoff Pevere, “Solving poverty a cinch? A radical notion”, Toronto Star:
      Even in the midst of a global economic downturn, the gap between those who have and those who don't is eminently closeable.
  6. craftmanship
    • 2009 March 14, Derick Chetty, “Bad boys of Canadian fashion”, Toronto Star:
      Thien Le, however, renowned for couture-level craftmanship, wasn't shy to share his view.
  7. fac *
    • 2009 March 14, Julia Steinecke, “Positive vibe, progressive outlook”, Toronto Star:
      Someone in a skinny clown suit with a flower fac is on top of a table, acting out the song.
  8. firehall
    • 2009 March 14, Cathal Kelly, “No-man's-land seeking recognition”, Toronto Star:
      "It's like a stepchild," said firefighter Janos Csepreghi, whose firehall falls on the northern flank of Nowheresville, North York.
  9. gazal
  10. hardscaping
    • 2009 March 14, Lorraine Hunter, “Plants should be garden priority”, Toronto Star:
      In designing our gardens, we have become preoccupied with accessories and hardscaping (such as stone and brickwork) and then the plants are plunked in later."
  11. hyperintellectual
    • 2009 March 14, RICHARD OUZOUNIAN, “Getting the jump on spring”, Toronto Star:
      Sheik is the smooth, handsome pop composer/performer who made it big with his 1996 debut single "Barely Breathing," while Sater is the tightly coiled, hyperintellectual playwright whose work had largely been seen on the fringes of New York theatre.
  12. interlined
  13. jockish
    • 2009 March 14, Vit Wagner, “New imprint launched in `show of optimism'”, Toronto Star:
      It is set in a an elite Ottawa boarding school and tilts eerily on the triangular relationship between Noel, the socially maladjusted son of a Canadian diplomat, his roommate Julius, the jockish, gregarious son of the U.S. ambassador, and co-ed Fall, Julius's head-turning girlfriend.
  14. manoeuvrings
  15. overdiscussed
  16. parkette
    • 2009 March 14, Julia Steinecke, “Positive vibe, progressive outlook”, Toronto Star:
      MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY–Tucked away down a lane in the Old City is a tiny parkette surrounded by murals.
  17. plantsman
    • 2009 March 14, Lorraine Hunter, “Plants should be garden priority”, Toronto Star:
      This passionate plantsman, a University of Guelph graduate in plant agriculture, has almost 20 years in the gardening industry, most recently as perennial plant manager and buyer at Plant World Ltd., on Eglinton Ave. W. at Royal York Rd.
  18. raisoned
    • 2009 March 14, Gord Stimmell, “Great value this week reflects industry's best”, Toronto Star:
      More wineries are using sorting tables with their best wines, where workers meticulously cull the stems, leaves, unripe and "raisoned grapes."
  19. recladding
    • 2009 March 14, Royson James, “Green wave must create jobs for poor”, Toronto Star:
      A dd "horticultural infrastructure" to the road and sewer projects that form the traditional backbone of the government-funded stimulus for our failing economy: Green roofs, solar panels, urban forestation, wetlands restoration, energy retrofits, electrical and plumbing fixes that reduce energy consumption, recladding buildings so they are better insulated and energy efficient.
  20. rhodos
    • 2009 March 14, Sonia Day, “Rhododendronsat Canada Blooms”, Toronto Star:
      Years ago in England, my mother used to dump the tea leaves every morning on her beloved rhodos, yet ours often sulked and seldom flowered.
  21. schoolmasterly
    • 2009 March 14, Bill Schiller, “Wen tries to soothe China”, Toronto Star:
      "First and foremost, we need very strong confidence," Wen said, in a tone that sounded almost schoolmasterly. "
  22. soundcheck
    • 2009 March 14, John Sakamoto, “The Anti-Hit List”, Toronto Star:
      "Maybe Katie" Anyone curious about what this band will sound like without Steven Page can get an inkling from this casual soundcheck, recorded just 10 days after news surfaced about the split.
  23. thoughtcrime
  24. unconservative
    • 2009 March 14, Richard J. Brennan, “PM lets fly on Liberals, Obama in closed speech”, Toronto Star:
      OTTAWA – In a speech meant for sympathetic ears only, Prime Minister Stephen Harper blamed Canada's economic woes on "unconservative" U.S. consumers, chided President Barack Obama's economic policies and complained the courts and government are full of liberals.
  25. unflavoured
  26. unrushed
  27. vacs