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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-04-01 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-04-01).

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  1. birchbark
  2. celebreality
    • 2009 April 1, Rob Salem, “It's lucky these shows aren't real”, Toronto Star:
      He could, for example, go the Springer/Maury/Dr. Phil route and compare marriage horror stories with his fellow celebreality star, Christopher "Peter" Knight ( My Fair Brady ).
  3. computerware
    • 2009 April 1, Paola Loriggio, “Junking of old PCs to get easier, wiser”, Toronto Star:
      Some 17 municipalities, select retail chains and Salvation Army thrift stores have been certified to collect junked computerware, television sets, printers and fax machines to bolster existing recycling programs, project organizers said yesterday.
  4. debrezini
    • 2009 April 1, “Forget the match - just go to eat”, Toronto Star:
      The chicken and shitake mushroom sausage takes over the Sideline barbecues, although the old standby, the debrezini, is still available at concession stands.
  5. digester
    • 2009 April 1, Tyler Hamilton, “Enbridge gears up for green gas era”, Toronto Star:
      But StormFisher, a developer of anaerobic digester systems that produce biogas, has some projects in Ontario's "Orange Zone" that can't connect to the electricity grid.
  6. digesters
    • 2009 April 1, Tyler Hamilton, “Enbridge gears up for green gas era”, Toronto Star:
      A portion of the gas that heats your home and cooks your food could one day come from landfills, sewage treatment plants, and "digesters" that convert animal manure and other organics into "bio-methane."
  7. fightclub
    • 2009 April 1, Ashante Infantry, “Metric jumps the gun on album release”, Toronto Star:
      The highlights include "Stadium Love," an apocalyptic fightclub anthem in which angels and owls square off against eels and doves, respectively; the aspirational "Gimme Sympathy," which asks "After this is gone/Who'd you rather be: The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?" and "Satellite Mind," which captures the dark clouds that threaten the album's dreamy, upbeat vibe with lines like "I'm not suicidal/I just can't get out of bed."
  8. plugger
    • 2009 April 1, Kevin McGran, “Just don't expect the foil”, Toronto Star:
      As a player, Hanson is about as far as possible from the celluloid goon his father portrayed, or the plugger his father was in those years toiling mostly in the minors, with 33 NHL games to his credit.
  9. puckhandler
    • 2009 April 1, Kevin McGran, “Just don't expect the foil”, Toronto Star:
      From a hockey perspective, Hanson is the kind of player Burke likes: Big and strong, a gifted puckhandler with an ability to make plays.
  10. rechart
    • 2009 April 1, Jim Coyle, “Downbeat McGuinty using familiar voice to rechart his course”, Toronto Star:
      Now McGuinty says, in media interviews designed to rechart his course and again in a speech yesterday to the Canadian Club of Toronto, that far from being okay, there is much that needs fixing in both Ontario's economic foundations and its broader culture.


  1. loooot
  2. luvva