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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-04-04 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-08-22).

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  1. boozumentary
    • 2009 April 4, John Sakamoto, “The Anti-Hit List”, Toronto Star:
      This blistering rocker wobbles along the line between party anthem and public service announcement, though the goofy video treatment - characterized on the U.K. bands website as a "boozumentary" - ultimately helps tip the balance toward the former.
  2. downtowners
    • 2009 April 4, Christopher Hume, “Condo Critic: Mt. Pleasant bridges mythical divide”, Toronto Star:
      T here's a reason diehard downtowners joke about getting nosebleeds north of Eglinton Ave.; the street marks a sort of boundary, nothing formal or official but rather it's something of a psychological barrier.
  3. keeling
    • 2009 April 4, Sonia Day, “Callianthus like a bride on her wedding day”, Toronto Star:
      Grow them in the garden and they keep keeling over, like drunks leaving a bar on New Year's Eve. Their tall heavy flower stems look best as cut flowers in vases.
  4. maquiladoras *
    • 2009 April 4, Thomas Walkom, “Obama's Afghan quagmire”, Toronto Star:
      The element of the strategy that seems most detached from reality is Obama's support for a Congressional plan to set up Mexican-style maquiladoras, or free trade manufacturing zones, in the violent tribal borderlands along the Afghan-Pakistani border.
  5. naturellement *
    • 2009 April 4, Jeremy Ferguson, “Expo-sing Shanghai”, Toronto Star:
      France promises a glittering pavilion highlighting French innovation, creativity and cuisine, naturellement.
  6. neckbiters
    • 2009 April 4, Amy Longsdorf, “Kristen Stewart: Still indie at heart”, Toronto Star:
      With Welcome to the Rileys in the can awaiting release, Stewart is already back into the world of neckbiters and werewolves.
  7. nonintrusive
  8. pinstripers
    • 2009 April 4, GARTH WOOLSEY, “Hard times for America's national pastime”, Toronto Star:
      Yankee Stadium carries a top single-ticket price of $2,625, but even the pinstripers have failed to sell out all their luxury seating.
  9. poseable
  10. semillon
    • 2009 April 4, Gord Stimmell, “Burgundy whites range from fine to stellar”, Toronto Star:
      Casa Lapostolle 2008 Sauvignon Blanc $13.95 (Chile) This white blends 10 per cent semillon into the sauvignon to mellow it out a bit.
  11. shoutfests
    • 2009 April 4, John Sakamoto, “The Anti-Hit List”, Toronto Star:
      Unlike the shoutfests that generally ensue when two American neo-soul singers are paired up, this duet between Aussie singer Merriweather and British siren Adele does something that few young artists dare to do these days: smoulder.
  12. skirtings
    • 2009 April 4, Colin and Justin, “Colin and Justin: Moroccan touch rocks the kasbah”, Toronto Star:
      Because the skirtings and architraves were in such dreadful condition, we had to be realistic; we had neither time nor budget to strip and restore them.
  13. spooner
  14. sundried
    • 2009 April 4, Jennifer Brown, “Colour makeover hits a blue note”, Toronto Star:
      She also chose a colour scheme for the den in sundried tomato, deep red with orange tones.
  15. toxified
  16. transborder
    • 2009 April 4, Chris Sorensen, “Can Calin Rovinescu fix Air Canada?”, Toronto Star:
      He argued in a note to clients this week that the airline could achieve $2 billion in savings if it slashed more than half its domestic and transborder routes, parked 155 of its 334 aircraft and cut as many as 6,000 employees.
  17. vidalia
    • 2009 April 4, Corey Mintz, “Beitzah”, Toronto Star:
      1/2 vidalia onion, peeled and roughly chopped