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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-06-15 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-08-22).

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40910 tokens ‧ 30015 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 5446 types ‧ 11 (~ 0.202%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. honourees
    • 2009 June 15, “Former champ Lewis inducted into boxing hall”, Toronto Star:
      Posthumous honourees included middleweight champion William (Gorilla) Jones, welterweight champion (Mysterious) Billy Smith and middleweight champion Billy Soose in the Old-Timer Category.
  2. lferenc
  3. luvva
  4. mcds
  5. mujahidin
    • 2009 June 15, Rick Westhead, “Toronto woman behind Afghan ads”, Toronto Star:
      The Soviets also distributed flyers pointing out the mujahidin resistance was financed by the U.S.
  6. nordiques
  7. reggiano *
    • 2009 June 15, Susan Sampson, “Clutching at straws”, Toronto Star:
      This year, All The Best Fine Foods has added two new twists to its cheese straw line: herb chvre and walnut flavour, and lemon, cracked pepper, reggiano flavour.
  8. stayaways
    • 2009 June 15, “Empty seats abound at Cup opener”, Toronto Star:
      The stayaways missed a goal feast, as Liverpool's Fernando Torres scored a hat trick in the first 17 minutes.
  9. sunbelt
    • 2009 June 15, “The NHL and Balsillie”, Toronto Star:
      That is precisely what the NHL, with its eye fixated on the American sunbelt, wants.
  10. wavedeck
  11. wonderbox
    • 2009 June 15, Rob Salem, “Why go digital when you live in a cave?”, Toronto Star:
      Now, I totally get cable (I'm not that old), and I don't think I could get up in the morning without knowing that my beloved TiVo PVR wonderbox had been whirring away all night, recording while I slept.