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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-07-10 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-08-22).

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  1. bonjour *
    • 2009 July 10, “Fringe review: Red Bastard”, Toronto Star:
      Eric Davis announces right from the start, as he tries to elicit a friendly "bonjour" from the audience, that, "yes, it's that kind of show."
  2. downpayments *
  3. enoyed
  4. lenser
    • 2009 July 10, Peter Howell, “Il Divo: Star power”, Toronto Star:
      Facts and incidents pile up like Roman traffic as Il Divo roars on, but Sorrentino ably assisted by the whimsical camera angles of lenser Luca Bigazzi manages to keep the focus on the main figure of amusement and intrigue.
  5. megatour
    • 2009 July 10, “Simmons promises full-bore Kiss”, Toronto Star:
      If Kiss fans are fretting that the band's upcoming eight Canadian shows will pale in comparison to the 60-city megatour planned for this fall when the band will unveil new outfits and new material bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons says not to worry.
  6. nanostories
    • 2009 July 10, Susan Delacourt, “Tories nurse viral headache”, Toronto Star:
      He's invented a word to describe the kind of coverage that haunted the Tories this week "nanostories."
  7. outduelling
    • 2009 July 10, “Fights, flying garbage mar Gold Cup clash”, Toronto Star:
      Perez tied it in the 29th minute, taking a pass from Felipe Baloy, outduelling three Mexican defenders and beating goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa with a sideways kick.
  8. peaksaver
  9. ripsnorting
    • 2009 July 10, Joe Fiorito, “Tenant blues (sung to the tune of Hotel California)”, Toronto Star:
      Marc Charbonneau got off to a ripsnorting start; alas, when he began to make calls and send emails about the problems in his building, he was ignored by the Toronto Community Housing Corporation.
  10. roastability
    • 2009 July 10, Susan Sampson, “The mighty ducks”, Toronto Star:
      With their jackets of fat, Pekins are known for their succulence and roastability.
  11. rubouts
    • 2009 July 10, Peter Howell, “Il Divo: Star power”, Toronto Star:
      Those not versed in Italian politics will likely have trouble keeping up with Sorrentino's sweeping narrative, a prize winner at Cannes, which begins with a series of killings, set to an up-tempo pop tune, that rivals the final series of rubouts in The Godfather.
  12. sometines
    • 2009 July 10, “Flying scrap a common sight”, Toronto Star:
      On my daily commute westbound on the Gardiner, I frequently see a tall scrap metal truck carrying unsecured loads filled right up to the top uncovered and sometines pieces of scrap falling on the highway.
  13. sperminator
    • 2009 July 10, Antonia Zerbisias, “Sarah Barracuda will be back”, Toronto Star:
      Never mind her foreign policy failings, her inability to string a sentence together, her demagogic calls to arms, her lies about Troopergate and the "bridge to nowhere," her refusal to condemn terrorism when it comes to abortion clinics, her denial of gay rights, the exploitation of her pregnant teenage daughter (and the soon-to-be-jettisoned sperminator), her absolutely disastrous and pitifully (mercifully?) few interviews ...
  14. twinny
    • 2009 July 10, Toronto Star[1]:
      They weren't going to get "too twinny" and go with names like Peyton and Paisley, but the alternative wasn't a success.
  15. vants
    • 2009 July 10, “Fringe reviews: 3 to avoid”, Toronto Star:
      Meanwhile, on another stage, Dracula "vants to suck"some pure vegan blood and goes to find it in Montreal, where he finds a group of protestors trying to stop a big, evil corporation in Dracula in a Time of Climate Change.