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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-08-06 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-08-22).

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  1. attan *
    • 2009 August 6, Rosie DiManno, “Off to Taliban Town, on a road where things go boom”, Toronto Star:
      Alongside the event tent, young men provide warm-up entertainment, performing the attan, Afghanistan's national dance: two-step this way, two-step that way, pivot and clap, to the accompaniment of drums, not exactly A Chorus Line.
  2. buckbean
    • 2009 August 6, Malena Harbers, “New products help you sleep and wake refreshed”, Toronto Star:
      For tense-looking skin, Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Night Health Bedtime Face Cream incorporates buckbean and St. Paul's wort extracts with camomile, lavender and mandarin essential oils to ensure you reach the state in which facial muscles are completely relaxed and a good night's sleep is within reach.
  3. colourfulness
    • 2009 August 6, Susan Gough Henly, “Art and nature flourish in Australia's `Top End'”, Toronto Star:
      But over the years, Davidson and his team of guides have discovered more than 20 galleries of Aboriginal rock art that renowned archeologist Josephine Flood describes as unrivalled anywhere in the world "in terms of artistic quality, quantity, colourfulness, and excellent state of preservation."
  4. coverbands
    • 2009 August 6, Ashante Infantry, “Standard singer anything but”, Toronto Star:
      The singer honed her chops in Catholic church choirs and coverbands, sang background for Michael McDonald and Savage Garden, and taught at her alma mater, the prestigious Berklee College of Music, prior to releasing her first disc in 2006.
  5. cryobank
    • 2009 August 6, Francine Kopun, Toronto Star[1]:
      "The most frequently asked question we get in the client services department is, `What does this donor look like?'" says Scott Brown, communications manager for the cryobank. "
  6. icebreaking
  7. megabomb
    • 2009 August 6, “Showgirls writer Joe Eszterhas finds religion”, Toronto Star:
      The writer, whose credits include the sexually explicit megabomb Showgirls, plans an original screenplay on the Virgin of Guadalupe, an icon of the Virgin Mary that supposedly appeared to a Mexican peasant in the 16th century.
  8. motorcoach
    • 2009 August 6, “Picks of the week”, Toronto Star:
      Transat Holidays: Italy motorcoach tour, air, hotel, most meals, touring, $2,399.
  9. neckbiting
    • 2009 August 6, Rob Salem, “Melrose remake, CW at its best”, Toronto Star:
      The Vampire Diaries, I guess, an obvious attempt to jump on the neckbiting bandwagon of the existing hits Twilight and True Blood.
  10. outcharmed
  11. paperbark
    • 2009 August 6, Susan Gough Henly, “Art and nature flourish in Australia's `Top End'”, Toronto Star:
      In Kakadu National Park, there's water everywhere: Wetlands carpeted with water lilies and framed by ghostly paperbark forests; hundreds of species of birds, proud fighting indigenous fish called barramundi, and enormous crafty saltwater crocodiles that have survived in this primeval landscape since, it seems, the beginning of time.
  12. satiricial
    • 2009 August 6, Richard Ouzounian, “Midsummer festival expands its artistic horizons”, Toronto Star:
      XXX LIVE NUDE GIRLS Although the title sounds more like the kind of show you'd find at The Fringe, this "Barbie Opera for the 21st Century" obviously has some more seriously satiricial issues on its naughty mind.
  13. yearner