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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-08-08 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-08-22).

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  1. andno
    • 2009 August 8, Tyler Hamilton, “Paradigm Capital red-faced after conference call posted on Net”, Toronto Star:
      Zenn CEO Ian Clifford said in a statement that the questions posed to Weir were "general in nature" and that the "essence of the responses were all within previously disclosed public information" andno additional disclosures were necessary, he said.
  2. babyccinos
    • 2009 August 8, Cinda Chavich, “Pub grub gets a posh makeover”, Toronto Star:
      We head to the patio where polished young servers deliver organic cappuccino with organic sugar to stylish Moms, while nannies vainly attempt to placate two-year-olds screaming for their fair trade chocolate "babyccinos" and Mongolian cashmere felt teddy bears.
  3. braology
    • 2009 August 8, Heather Greenwood Davis, “Having a truly ... uplifting experience”, Toronto Star:
      Now, in addition to taking appointments for fittings at Barton Hill, she offers a course in "braology," which teaches women the history of the bra, the proper way to put one on more effort than you'd think and what to look for when shopping.
  4. breadzel
  5. cesta *
  6. chapan *
    • 2009 August 8, Rosie DiManno, “As vote nears, Team Karzai finally kicks into high gear”, Toronto Star:
      The aristocratic Karzai seems to have shrunk under the weight of his job, if not the demands of the campaign, a slight man with heavy bags under his eyes and haggard features, almost disappearing within the voluminous folds of his chapan the long-sleeved Afghan coat, made of silk, in green and purple stripes, that is a photogenic feature of his elegant wardrobe.
  7. chem *
  8. cruisy
  9. dataroom
    • 2009 August 8, “Cossette suitor may walk”, Toronto Star:
      It set an Aug. 17 ultimatum to gain initial access to the company's dataroom to conduct due diligence.
  10. dweebie
  11. gimbri
    • 2009 August 8, John Goddard, “Moroccan musicians weave a wonderful spell”, Toronto Star:
      I met a few Master Musicians and a few Night Spirit Masters, as well as the gimbri player on No Quarter, the 1995 North African album by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.
  12. gourmandaise
    • 2009 August 8, Hannah Sung, “Reconnecting with an old acquaintance”, Toronto Star:
      What does it say about the French that "gourmandaise" is a positive thing but that "glutton" obviously isn't?
  13. granitee
    • 2009 August 8, Cinda Chavich, “Pub grub gets a posh makeover”, Toronto Star:
      My tender pigeon was cooked sous vide, she admits, before being encased in pastry for a pub-like presentation, and the Granny Smith ice cream and local cider granitee, served alongside the exquisite sugared apple doughnut (aka beignet), was churned to order in house.
  14. hadclaimed
  15. heros *
  16. inconvineience
  17. meilleures *
    • 2009 August 8, Hannah Sung, “Reconnecting with an old acquaintance”, Toronto Star:
      Of course, the two best spots for stuffing your face with carbs would be the Fairmount and St-Viateur bakeries, les meilleures destinations for sweet, chewy, sesame-slathered Montreal bagels.
  18. overfinance
    • 2009 August 8, David Friend, “Brookfield sees gain from distress”, Toronto Star:
      "While the capital markets are more positive than they have been for a long period of time, that doesn't mean that people who overfinance their properties or are in extreme distress are fixed," chief executive Bruce Flatt said on a conference call.
  19. pedelecs
  20. pimenton
  21. pivo *
  22. pyschopath
  23. reputaton
    • 2009 August 8, Tracey Tyler, “Should evidence be allowed if police break the law?”, Toronto Star:
      In its quartet of decisions last month, the Supreme Court made clear the only reason for having such a rule in Canada is to protect the long-term reputaton of the justice system.
  24. shelties
    • 2009 August 8, Kenyon Wallace, “Sunrise one year later”, Toronto Star:
      Walking her two shelties, Miko and Jake, along the makeshift plywood wall surrounding the blast site, Arciero stops and surveys the street.
  25. shirazes
  26. slotback
    • 2009 August 8, Chris Zelkovich, “Argo offence schooled by Als”, Toronto Star:
      He threw for 396 yards, 103 of them to veteran slotback Ben Cahoon, who passed the 12,000-yard career receiving mark.
  27. terasse
    • 2009 August 8, Hannah Sung, “Reconnecting with an old acquaintance”, Toronto Star:
      Swing a paintbrush in any direction and you will hit the member of an indie band at local Caf Olimpico (lovely terasse), or Drawn & Quarterly, the curated retail space of the Montreal graphic novels publishing company.
  28. ulica *
  29. unoaked