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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-08-27 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-08-27).

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  1. autobio
  2. borie *
    • 2009 August 27, Susan Spano, “Piquant Provence retains its charm”, Toronto Star:
      In a warren of farm buildings on the side of a rocky hill, le Castelas is a rustic barbecue restaurant with its own borie and an open field as a front lawn.
  3. bories
    • 2009 August 27, Susan Spano, “Piquant Provence retains its charm”, Toronto Star:
      One of the routes – the D232 – passes fields of lavender, farm structures (or bories) that look like stone igloos and woods of scrub oak before it dead ends at Sivergues.
  4. burlesquercise
    • 2009 August 27, Diana Mehta, Toronto Star[1]:
      Finch got her first taste of dancing with sass from Albertan burlesquercise instructor Diana Matiaszow.
  5. chevre
    • 2009 August 27, Susan Spano, “Piquant Provence retains its charm”, Toronto Star:
      Provencal red wine in pitchers eventually replaced the sangria, accompanying platters of chevre that tasted like the farm and was a contribution from the goats.
  6. crocosmias
    • 2009 August 27, Toronto Star[2]:
      How incredible crocosmias can be.
  7. cyprodinil
    • 2009 August 27, Joanna Smith, Toronto Star[3]:
      Explanation: Producers were using a fungicide containing a chemical called cyprodinil to deal with an outbreak of powdered mildew causing cucumber crops to rot.
  8. glamorista
    • 2009 August 27, Derick Chetty, “Hippie Chic”, Toronto Star:
      His haute hippie was a luxurious jet-setting glamorista.
  9. mairie *
    • 2009 August 27, Susan Spano, “Piquant Provence retains its charm”, Toronto Star:
      But the Apt market, stretching along pedestrian-only streets between Place St. Pierre and the mairie, or town hall, draws tourists and locals alike for its dazzling array of regional merchandise – handmade lavender soap, lotion and sachets, olives and olive oil, wine, artisanal honey and liqueurs, cheese, herbs, flowers, candied fruit, pottery, baskets and fabrics in all the bright, beautiful patterns of Provence.
  10. slotback
    • 2009 August 27, Chris Zelkovich, “Andrus has GM Rita's support”, Toronto Star:
      Receiver P.K. Sam's groin has responded to treatment and he will probably line up at slotback.
  11. strippercize
    • 2009 August 27, Diana Mehta, Toronto Star[4]:
      With racy pole dancing classes and strippercize sessions having already made their debut, the increasingly popular burlesque classes are distinguished by being approachable while offering a hint of mischief.
  12. trendless
    • 2009 August 27, Derick Chetty, “Hippie Chic”, Toronto Star:
      It's almost trendless now."
  13. untransparent
  14. winnng
    • 2009 August 27, Vicky Hallett, Toronto Star[5]:
      They both got started in the business in 1989, and he was soon winnng medals in national step competitions with the fanciest of footwork.
  15. zilla
    • 2009 August 27, Kathleen Parker, “Putting a price tag on cyber-bullying”, Toronto Star:
      In just one example, a wedding photographer lost his business when a single unhappy bride went 'zilla and trashed him online.