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- Name: Waltter Manoel da Silva

- Birthday = 1952.04.22, in Itaberaí - State of Goiás, Brazil;

- Capitals I have lived in, abroad: Washington, D.C. (United States: 10 years), Peking (China), Manila (Filipinas), Helsinki (Finlândia) e Abu Dhabi ( Emirados Árabes Unidos: United Arab Emirates).

- Languages, besides Portuguese (a native speaker) : 1) English, fluency in speaking and writing; 2) French (Français); 3) Spanish (Español);

- Portuguese-grammar teacher for Brazilians, even though not professionally;

- English-grammar teacher as a foreign language, even though not professionally;

- Contributions at Wikimedia Foundation:

* Wiktionary (Portuguese), since 2005-01-04): [1]
* Wiktionary (English), since 2005-12-27; (NOTE: Contributions before this date through an IP [internet protocol]);
* Wikimedia Commons, since 2005.10.24;
* Wikipedia (Portuguese), since 2005-12-27; [2]