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The Websterbot is a bot that is registered with the developers so that it does not show up on the regular recent changes list. To see what it is up to, click here.

It was originally designed to post the 1913 Webster´s dictionary to the Wiktionary.

Please note that none of this is meant to subvert or pre-empt the writing of original entries in whatever format is eventually agreed by the Wiktionarians: that's why these articles are marked as "Webster 1913:", and posted under a special username.

The intention is to be a "pump-priming" exercise, by providing:

  • Abundant source material, including quotations, in a pre-Wikied form
  • A matrix of "wanted article" links back to the main namespace.

Please bear with me for now, and allow this experiment. The articles can later be reformatted, renamed, or moved into their own namespace, or deleted -- but my intention is that they should serve the purpose of being a feed-stock for the new dictionary for at least the next month or two. The Anome