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Hello IP user, and welcome to Wiktionary. I appreciate the time and energy you are putting into the project. A number of your recent edits, however, have required cleanup. It would be very helpful if you would do the following:

  • Check to make sure an article actually exists in the Japanese Wikipedia before adding {{wikipedia|lang=ja}} to articles.
  • Check that a term you're adding actually exists.
  • Check that a term you're adding is actually used in a language before labeling it as that language.
  • When adding terms in other scripts, check that the reading or transcription you're adding is correct.
  • Do not use "lit." when adding glosses for terms.
  • Do not add excessive lists of synonyms or "see also" terms - a handful is enough. Wiktionary is intended as a dictionary, not a thesaurus nor an encyclopedia.

So far, most of your edits fall afoul of at least one of the issues above, requiring that someone else clean up the entry. It would be a big help to everyone if you could double-check all of these issues yourself when editing.

Feel free to contact me at my Talk link below, or any of the rest of the community on our fora, listed at Wiktionary:Discussion rooms, if you have any questions. Thanks! -- Eiríkr Útlendi | Tala við mig 15:44, 11 August 2011 (UTC)


I just reverted your edits to the page. Please make sure that any content you add is attested, and that any links you add point to pages that actually exist. 妖, for instance, is never used as a noun pronounced よう. In addition, there is no 妖 page on the Japanese Wikipedia.

Note that continued disruptive edits may result in you being blocked. If a page you have worked on in the past suddenly looks different, click on the History at the top right of the page to see a list of edits -- these usually include short descriptions of what the editor changed and why. If you do not agree with an editor's changes, please post on either the editor's or the term's Talk page to discuss your concerns. -- Thank you, Eiríkr Útlendi | Tala við mig 16:23, 23 August 2011 (UTC)

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