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Information is correct and Ruakh has not supplied a valid pronunciation of his own. Also, the edit on the page 'zooid' was only enacted once whereas history shows it to have happened twice. This is probably due to the Wikimedia system downtime that occurred at this time.
The correct pronunciation is zo-oid (zo as in "zone", oid as in asteroid); you put zo-id (id as in "bid"). That's not your only pronunciation error: there are several entries, such as that for dacryocystitis, where you put a syllable-break in a position where English phonology makes one impossible. And I find it hard to believe that Daco-Romanian has /s/ rather than /k/.
Anyway, I'm leaving the block in place — another admin can choose to remove it, of course — but, since you say that you didn't intend to revert my edit to 'zooid', I've lifted the prohibition on creating an account, so we can continue this conversation more normally.
RuakhTALK 21:17, 7 August 2012 (UTC)

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